02 July 2013

black boogers from the store, and black windows for my car.

So, I had this idea,
which sort of lead to another overhaul at the store.
Starting with "the back corner".
Since 1960, "the back corner" has been crammed full papers. 
Boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of papers.
And receipts.
And check stubs.
And retro shoe, farm equipment, and seed catalogs.
And more receipts.
And more stubs.
And dusssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst.

Here is a before/mid-process pic.
My "resting bitch" face. {Thanks Steph.}
Ha. I didn't mean to look so bitchtastic. But, I was hella tired. 
Haulin' boxes of crap out to the dumpster, and more boxes of papers and books to Silas' truck = better workout than any gym.

Let's just say I've been soaked in sweat. {The store has no A/C.}
And my boogers have been black.
And customers say stuff like, "DAYUM, Silas workin' the shit outta you, ain't he?"

But - 
it's GOING to be worth it, y'all.

Also, Sylvia got her a little tan. Or, more like, some bronzer for her cheeks.
Shout out to my lil bro for hookin' that shit up.
I am not a drug dealer.
But - I would like to be a little cooler {literally cooler, like temperature wise} when I get in the car.
And not have my left arm get sunburned while riding down the road.
Also, I would like to stare freely at people at stop lights, and when I am forever stuck in Charlotte traffic.
At almost 30, I am embracing tinted windows.


What are y'all's plans for the 4th?
It's my BIG 3-0! Holy smokes.


Meredith said...

resting bitch face, i wear that all day every day. they see me rollin, they hatin.

Suze said...

You'll certainly have to put up after pictures!

Good luck with the windows. And happy birthday early! Hope it's great

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

hahahah Resting Bitch face! It's so you in that pic. And me every day.

I laughed at Don't Open Til Tues. Has it been better with the tint?