01 August 2013


I told y'all yesterday that I am so over summer and ready for fall. It still stands. I'm ready to get my brrrr on.

Meanwhile, I was reading this post over at my shugpie Sydney's about the best dry shampoos. I am not one of those chicks who can go days without washing my hair. Eww. Fine, thin, hot ass mess. BUT - know what really helps me go two days instead of one? And better than any dry shampoo I've ever tried? 

Baby powder -
 on the roots before bed (even if it's before your hair starts to feel oily). Don't be totally freaked if your hair looks white like a Halloween witch. Typically, sleeping on it all night gets rid of that and you can't even see it. {But, I mean, if you are real worried about it, you can try it when you ain't got no place important to be the next day.}

And then -
well, then I read this post over at Helene's. Hahahaha! It's funny because of 1) the photo and 2) it's a post about keepin' a fresh vadge. I love Helene. 

Haven't tried the Summer's Eve wipes she was talkin' about over there, but - once again, baby powder's my #1 beauty product in the summer time, y'all. You can put that shit anywhere. I mean, no, it's not the same as a shower, but say you get out of the shower, and you're goin' to Davis Store in the summer time - or, sayyyy, a cookout and you KNOW you are about to be hotter'n forty hell. Pays to put on some baby powder to at least delay the swamp ass and keep your thighs from chafin' the hell outta each other every time you walk. The possibilities are endless. But here's a good place to start - I mean, this is basically me gettin ready:

Works like a charm.
Just sayin'.

Baby powder.

Smells good.
Keeps your thighs from startin' a fire.
Keeps sweat from makin' little rivers all over your body.

This concludes the most awkward post I've ever written. 



The Pink Growl said...

I am dying over this! too funny! I use baby powder in my hair instead of dry shampoo, works better and it's cheaper!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I also died laughing over the Summer's Eve post.

Baby Powder is where it's at. It cures a multitude of ills. It even gets sand off of you.

Misty said...

If I sweat, it's in between my boobs. I should just fill my bra with baby powder.

Southern Sass said...

OMG so funny! I need to start putting baby powder in my hair before bed! I am going to read Helene's post now! haha

allison said...

I thought I was the only one! Baby powder is my best friend!

The {Mrs} Adventure of a misplaced Belle said...

This cracks me up!
I'm moving back south, so I may need to invest in some serious baby powder to make the adjustment period.. easier.

I'm always scared if I use it in my hair - I'll end up looking like Jack Frost by the time it's all over.