08 August 2013


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Know what makes me smile?

* Cotton.
* Burlap.
{Both are calming, and appropriate decor for warm months or cool ones, in my opinion.}
* Making something beautiful from things that are done serving another purpose.

The only thing I actually bought to make this wreath was the straw wreath form.

Upcycle, y'all!

Just me, my materials, and some Pandora, and I'm in another world.
Find your happy.


Aleshea said...

1) I love the wreath
2) I love the new layout. So clean and simple
3) Yes ma'am for upcycling.

Misty said...

Super cute!

allison said...

This is so cute! And being from NC the cotton makes me feel at home! Love this!

The {Mrs} Adventure of a misplaced Belle said...

Love the wreath! I wish I could have one out in the Desert but I'm pretty sure some creature would eat it or it would dry up and turn into dust!

Katie said...

I LOVE it! one of my favorite i've seen!

Ashley said...

so cute! i'll have to send to my mom - she loves stuff like this!