22 August 2013


Know what tickles my fancy?
{What a weird phrase, right?}

... digging through other people's unwanted shiz.

It's my crack.
The peanut butter to my apple.
My joy.
My therapy.
So many trinkets!
So much to dig through!
I know I can make somethin' outta that!

I would almost always rather spend a day walking around a flea market, junk or antique store than the mall. The mall is somewhere I go with a specific purpose in mind - literally maybe twice a year.
Get in. Get out.
Try to go when most people are at work.
Avoid going on weekends at all costs.

I am all about the thrill of the hunt.
Better than Diet Mt. Dew.
Even better than chocolate - most of the time.

Here are two recent scores that I am pretty excited about:

Seven jeans. Not previously hemmed for someone 5 feet tall. Perfect condition. My size. Hell to the yes.

Binoculars. (We been wantin' some anyway.) Made in 1943. US Navy markings. Sweet carrying case. And they work. No cracks in the lenses. 

And know what else is makin' my week awesometastic?

This bomb ass baked potato salad.
Goooood Lord, thank you for potatoes.
And bacon.
And chives.
Happy. Happy. Happy all over the place.

Here's a similar recipe, except this time, I used chives instead of red onion, and, instead of butter, I used a light drizzle of olive oil across the potatoes in the bowl before mashing.
Yum. tasma.

Hope y'all's weeks are off to a good start!
Do you thrift? What are some of your favorite finds?


Aleshea said...

Ohh, you got some good finds. My sister has yet to go into a thrift store. For months she has been begging to go to one and I might just have to do it. If nothing else I'm sure I could get a good post out of it.

allison said...

I love digging through other people unwanted crap too! Definitely avoid malls at all cost.