22 October 2013


- one - 
Looking for black skinnies that don't lose their shape? That have butt pockets? And belt loops because you have a donk and your jeans won't stay above your rump without a belt?

My version of perfect.
Walmart. $13.88.

- two -
Live near Charlotte? Love Davis General Store/magical old historic buildings? Want to wish the FIL a Happy Birthday? Go there now.

- three - 
Live in NC? Plan on goin' to the State Fair? Get one of these:

That thing on the left is from Miss Debbie's Specialty Apples. 
They are located in one of the permanent buildings. Y'all know, the two long rectangular buildings where they have the quilts and 4H stuff, and art contest winners? Yeah, in there, right by one of the entrances.
This one is called Peanut Butter Bomb. De-friggin-lish.
{You should totally also get some bomb diggity NC State Ice Cream.}

- four -
Hate how your eyelids get those oily eye shadow creases? Or how your mascara smudges either above or below your eye? Buy this stuff. For A DOLLA! {Target, Walgreens, wherever they sell E.L.F.} I put it above and below my eye, as well as on both corners before applying any makeup.

- five -
Want fuller looking lashes? Eyes that pop? 
Get you some of this liquid Almay liner.
Then lift up your eye lid with your finger or a q-tip, and "tuck" the liner between individual lashes.
Then, hold the liner sideways at an angle to make a perfectly straight line above your natural lash line. 

And, I bid you good day.
And a good rest of the week.


Tracy said...

post a picture of you applying it...

AMber Austin said...

I just gave a shout on on Facebook for NCSU Ice Cream. Let us all pray someone responds.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I might try that liner. I'm always looking for a good one.

Just liked the Store on FB! Love it.

Annabelle said...

I've been using E.L.F. eye primer for a year now! I LOVE it! When I buy gifts for friends I always include it and Baby Lips!

Misty said...

I might have to check out these Walmart skinnies.