04 November 2013


It's been so long since I blogged that Halloween has passed and now about all the Thanksgiving decor is on the mantel. Lord have mercy.

I can't complain. My life is full. And of everything that I love. I've been working, which allows me to do all kinds of things, junkin', helping plan magical events, and I found an acupuncturist that I love. I feel like all is right in my world. Except for the fact that this couch will forever smell like musty cat piss. #nasty #ihatecats

This is without a doubt my favorite time of the year. Cold. Thrifted sweaters. Boots. Football. Lack of mosquitoes and snakes. PSL's out the yin yang.

Halloween was ... fattening. I bought three bags of chocolate candy to hand out to {non-existent, turns out} trick-or-treaters. And guess how much candy we still have left?
What the deuce? But I sure ain't complainin' about how we sat in the comfort of our own home in PJ's watching TV all night.

 I have become ob.sessed with loaded up sandwiches. I don't care what kind of meat's on it, but the following are required: black olives, sliced banana peppers, onions, mayonnaise, provolone, toasted bread, and olive oil/balsamic vinegar for dipping. I mean, I may have eaten literally ..... hmm ... 10 of these in the last two weeks. Cannot.get.enough.

 I'm struggling to even finish this post because I wanna get up and make one of these. Gyahhhhhhh.

Went to the fair with my meemaw, my mama, and my Boeger {bro's gf}
Twas mag, indeed.

Stupid Aveda quit making my favorite curly stuff.
{I struggle to find good curly stuff because I cannot dry my curls at. all. or they are curls no more. My hair's fine and thin. And if I put enough mousse in my hair to actually make it curly, it gets all crunch tastic.}
 This stuff works well. I do use a dab of curling mousse after I towel dry it, and then when it's almost dry, put this Paul Mitchell stuff in it: 

 Cheaper than my Aveda stuff too. Did I mention that I'm also becoming obsessed with big hair? Channeling Loretta Lynn ...
 I also had the lovely Veronica at Ulta rematch my makeup for winter. Lovin' it. Nothing makes me feel ickier than mismatched foundation. Yuck-o.

I broke out my boots last weekend in celebration of junkin' all day and game day. It was a long day of walking, and then I assisted a client, and was supa happy to come home to the hubs makin' this:

Here's what I got while we were out junkin {I may have previewed the show on Wednesday, and then went back most of the day Saturday, and then a return trip on Sunday for this lamp.}

I am a sucker for holiday decor, and I had to have this lamp.
Him's gonna get a makeover. Ain't he cuuuuuute?

In other news, I got my engagement diamond stuck on something and I kept pushing my hand forward, causing my wedding band to dig into my flesh as evidenced by this grody scab lookin' situation in this photo.
However, my whole reason in picking out the wedding band that I did, was that I like how it looks by itself. But, after four years, I never want to take my engagement ring off. So, I figured the painful scabbiness would be a good time to wear the wedding band solo so they didn't rub up against my boo boo.
I kinda like it. I'm on day 3. 

Any of y'all married chicks ever wear one ring without the other? 

Finally, hubs and I are house hunting. All of our furniture is mismatched. That, and Pinterest, and my love of refurbishing and junkin, and this cat pissy musty funk couch have made us decide to sell just about all the furniture we have and start over with funky flea market vintage finds.
I am supa-'cited, y'all!!

And that's me lately in a jump-from-one-thing-to-the-other-spastically nutshell.


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

You can make me a sandwich any time.

Good luck house hunting!

Meredith said...

may the lord bless you and give you patience and then help you find the perfect little house. We're in the furniture buyin process now

Emmett Katherine said...

i hate it when a product i like gets discontinued or changed. enraging! lol. i like big hair/volume too but it's really hard for me to achieve without a ton of work :(

yay for house hunting and junking! I am in the middle of re-doing a couch and although I know it'll look great when done i just want to be finished! i know with your talents your home will look awesome!