13 November 2013


True story.


Here it is:

Remember how I told y'all we wanted to sell all of our crap and start over with funky, fun vintage-y finds?
Well - here are my thoughts on this bad boy:

We already have a file cabinet that is not as deep or as tall, so we can basically use one drawer of this "new" file cabinet to store the same amount that our entire other file cabinet stored.
I'm also going to get a bunch of shiz off of our junked up desk and store it in the file cabinet.
The end of our bar in our kitchen is cluttered with cookbooks. We only use two of them on a regular basis. The others are going in the file cabinet.
I am always looking for somewhere to cram decorative nick nacks that aren't currently being used. {Like the stuff that I use on the mantel, for example. It needs a home when it's not in use.}

Basically, this file cabinet is funky, metal, tall, and will provide lots of storage and therefore, decluttering for us without taking up any extra floor space. Plus I get to paint it. I am excited.

I've been on Pinterest looking for some ideas ...
{All images' original sources can be found from my file cabinet board.}


I like the idea of sort of framing the drawers and each side.
The challenge with this will be that the hardware {the knobs and the place where you would put a label} are not going to be easy to remove. They may not come off at all.

I also like the idea of chalk paint ... although I don't know that I would do that blackboard color.


I also like the idea of using a stencil or decoupaging to make the drawers stand out from the cabinet itself. 
Again, the hardware on the drawers could present a problem. But, I could choose and place the stencil carefully, or decoupage around the hardware, "tucking" paper in around and under the hardware.


I could spray the whole thing one color, but I don't think I really like this so much, now that I'm really looking at it ... I think I'd rather put in the extra work, or this all-the-same would drive me insane.


Finally, part of me just really likes the clean, simplicity of this metallic look. I think that's the only way I could deal with it all being one "color". It is not busy. I won't be locked into a real color or pattern. {I'm afraid I'll love something unique at first, and then get sick of it and want to change it soon, which will be a pain in my arse, and I'm sure my hubs won't like that very much}, it'll still look bright, and light reflective, and it'll "go" with all the holidays {important in my world!}. I also see myself using magnets on the sides ... maybe to display photos, or interesting pictures, or Christmas cards, etc. I want it to be functional on the inside and the outside, if possible. I also really like how the photo on the right shows the top surface being used for other decorations.

Before doing anything, I'll need to probably chemically strip the current paint.

I wonder how I will feel about it when it is just bare? 
Maybe then I'll have a better idea what I want to do with it.
But - in the meantime, it is what it is because I don't want to paint and mess with it until we move.
But, right now, I think I'm leaning towards metallic.
What do y'all think?


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I freaking love the maps.

I saw something where the side and "bones" of the cabinet were a dark purple and the drawers were a lighter purple. It looked awesome. If this little treasure was mine, I'd probably do that in whatever color family floated my boat.

Meredith said...

can i give you like $50 to furnish my house? i need a full day of junkin

Lisa said...

Found you on Southern Bloggers link up. Now you got me wanting to "do up" a file cabinet!!!! I love the chalk paint idea. I think a file cabinet could replace the 4 junk drawers I have in the house!!!! Thanks for sharing and come vist me sometime!

The {Mrs} Adventure of a misplaced Belle said...

I can't wait to see the finished product girl!

Emmett Katherine said...

after looking at all the idea pics I have to say my fave is the chalkboard paint make-over. could you spray the handles a different colour before putting on the chalkboard paint? That might be easier than trying to remove them.

Aleshea said...

Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie. I know it's all gonna be fabulous when you're done. I swear those websites will be the death of me. So many unfinished products cluttering my life, house and dart in blogger.

Misty said...

I love the chalkboard paint idea. I still need to buy some and get crafty with it.

Ruby said...

This was definitely a hefty find! That file cabinet is a really heavy bargain. Just the potential storage space for $3.99 is phenomenal, and that's not counting the creative potential! I hope you did the chalkboard idea. I'd totally have to try that myself!

Ruby @ Williams Data Management