30 December 2013


Hope y'all's Christmas was super mag.
Meant to post this before, but I was busy Christmasing.

I wanted to pop in and tell y'all about the following things that are high on my excitement list:

This coat from Duluth Trading.
I wanted a waxed cotton coat, but not a four or five hundred dollar one.
It does run a little on the smaller side, so I'd size up. I had to send mine back for a larger size. 
My biggest complaints were the sleeves were a bit short, and it was tight in the shoulders, especially if you are going to wear a sweater or something thick underneath. It's not a super thick coat, but it's warm.

This weekender tote from Fossil. 
These were my criteria: leather, brown, gold hardware, feet on bottom, something with handles as opposed to a strap, that didn't have some designer's name all over it.
This is what I found.
It's wide, but I'm excited!

This devotional by Sarah Young.
I have tons of friends who love this one, and many have said that it makes you feel closer to Jesus himself, and not so much like you are discussing him with someone else. I realized recently that I think about Jesus all the time - what he teaches, who he is, but I catch myself thinking about him, when I need to be spending time with him.

This oil of oregano for sinus issues.
Y'all - this stuff is fab. My acupuncturist suggested it to me. I am one of those people who deals with sinus problems all. year. long. They tend to be worse when the temperature/humidity fluctuate rapidly and quickly, and when the seasons change. You can take it more often than the bottle says, and it's much healthier for you than sinus meds that dehydrate you and jack your brain up like you are on speed.
It is DISGUSTING. But, it works.
I throw a few drops to the back of my throat, and then immediately guzzle water until I run out of breath.
My acupuncturist mixes it with her water, but she is clearly more of a woman than I am.
If you let yourself taste it, it is similar to what I imagine a burning Christmas tree might taste like.
It's not cheap either. At Earth Fare, it was $26, but my acupuncturist and the Earth Fare chick told me this is one of those things where in the long run, you get more bang for your buck with the more expensive brand.
I am now noticing that the website I'm linking to is cheaper {shit yeah!}, so I will be ordering from there from now on.

This Aquaphor healing ointment for cracked hands and chapped lips.
I know that this stuff has been around for a zillion years, but it is good stuff.
It is greasy, which sucks, but once your hands are past lotion and your lips are past balm, this is your friend.
Get some. And, small enough to live in your purse.

What goodies have you excited?

I am off to Earthfare again, to get the closest thing to gluten free saltines that I can find.
Y'all cross your fingers.


put a bow on it [kaitlyn] said...

Well I am heading to that site to buy my husband the Oil of Oregano. He gets a sinus infection seriously every other month!

put a bow on it [kaitlyn] said...

Well I am heading to that site to buy my husband the Oil of Oregano. He gets a sinus infection seriously every other month!

Suze said...

I want to look into that devotional. And your Christmas photo is so cute! Glad it was merry.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Love your jacket and coat! And the homemade sinus tips.

Hope you guys had a very very Merry Christmas! Love that first pic.

Aleshea said...

Yes ma'am to the sinus tips. The bag and card are cute too.

Misty said...

Gorgeous tote!

Merry Christmas + Happy New Year {belated, of course}

Emmett Katherine said...

that first pic, :)