12 December 2013


What's that?
You feel like I've posted nothing but decorating pics for like, the last 3 months?
Welp, you are correct. 
I would apologize for it, but I'm working on not apologizing for stuff that's not a real problem.
It is what it is, no?

Besides, who doesn't like pics of Christmas tree decorations?

What kind of tree decorator are you?
I've always loved traditional ornaments with lots of gold, silver, red and green, and some souvenir or sentimental ornaments mixed in.
But - I am getting an itch to do a themed tree - maybe a second one next year.
We shall see. 

PS - Have y'all heard this yet?
It's totally magical.
I cried.
But you probably won't - 
because I'm pretty sure crying is not an appropriate reaction.


Aleshea said...

1) Love your tree and decorations
2) I love PTX. Three of the members are from my metroplex and this past summer they came home and did a free concert for their hometown. The town has this summer concert series they do and they wanted to help and give back. Anyways, I was able to go and can I just say that they are even better in person.

Suze said...

Love your tree! My tree is mostly red and gold with some "special" ornaments in the mix.

Also my students are obsessed with PTX.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Your tree looks gorgeous!! And the pictures themselves are stunning as always.

We have a lot of ornaments from our travels that we've collected over the years. I could see having two trees at some point.