27 January 2014


Y'all know I do love me some Pretty Little Liars. {Although, I am behind on this season already ... }
But - did y'all know Lucy Hale has a country song & video out?
Honestly - I don't hate the song. I actually like it.
I'm curious, how much did she have to work to sound southern in this?{choir, tire, etc}
Or, is it the opposite? Maybe she has to work to not sound southern otherwise?

Clearly, I need to know more than I do about Lucy Hale.

Do you love Lucy?
What do you think?

I wish I had her hair.
And eye brows. 


Southern Sass said...

I had no idea she had a song and video! I love her!

Ashley said...

haha i just saw this on E! News about a month ago - how do some people end up with ALL the talent and ALL the looks?!? Unfair gene distribution lol

Misty C. said...

Girl, she's from Memphis. I used to work with her sister. The accent is REAL! :)