25 January 2014


This year I decided to dress our mantel for Valentine's Day.
Normally, I don't really get into Valentine's Day, but this year, I'm feeling festive.
I saw a post on Instagram from Jamie of C.R.A.F.T. Blog that featured some conversation hearts in a jar, and that's what set me off. :)

I love this 'D' monogram my mom gave us for Christmas one year. I love the color, that it looks a bit worn, and that it has a little bit of a curl at the finish of the letter. I find myself using it in various places in our house throughout the year.

I also have five vintage cards that spell out our last name in its entirety, but I thought it would be fun to use the last four letter cards with the 'D' monogram.

The mason jar in the back is filled with flowers that Andrew has given me over the years. Any flowers that he ever gives me, I dry, and keep. You'd be surprised how many dried flower blooms will fit in a jar!

These skeleton keys are also something that I use often. For Valentine's Day, they remind of "they key to my heart".

Like I said, Jamie's conversation hearts inspired me.
I also purchased some cinnamon hearts, and threw in the peppermint sticks left from Christmas since they are red and white.

I've always loved this red frame.
I chose one of our engagement pictures, which works perfectly since we are wearing "Valentine's colors".
{PS - Anj's shirt is red and white stripes, not pink ... He later tore a hole in the elbow, and I kept the shirt because it was always one of my favorites, and it is what is used for the bunting that hangs from the mantel.}

And these vintage Valentine's cards - LOVE them!

Finally, I used the letter cards that I've used before at Christmas and Thanksgiving {so glad I bought these!!}, and just cut out some accordion hearts as background from some scrapbook paper I had already.

Seriously, creating mantel decor from stuff I already have, with maybe an additional $10 or less investment?
One of my favorite happies.

Do you do any decorating for Valentine's Day?

Have a great rest of the weekend, y'all!


Suze said...

So sweet! I don't do much to decorate for valentines day, but I love your decor, especially all the vintage touches.

jess said...

You are the cutest. I love how you recycle Anj's clothes in your decor. Can't wait for my mantle consultation. ;)

Paula said...

Awesome, as usual, Beth!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

This is your best one yet. I love the story behind each piece, especially the shirt for the garland.

Always in a Southern State of Mind said...

absolutely precious!