11 January 2015


Whattup, furless friends? Curtis here. How are things on this frigid Sunday? It's going pretty well here in my new neck of the woods. I finally got one of my parents to walk the neighborhood with me. You know, there are lots of rude dogs around here. I just walk along and mind my business, not saying a thing. But, every house we walk by, somebody starts up, and then their friends join in, and pretty soon, you have a whole street full of barking fools. Reminds me of that horrendous stay I had at that animal shelter place.These dogs have no raisin's at all, it seems.

Anyhoo, the walk was refreshing, but it was a bit cold, and my dad never remembers to put on my sweater, so we didn't stay out long. Plus, my ears always get cold and I have to keep flapping them around to get the blood flowing again. 

When we got back home my mama was moving books and furniture and stuff around. I don't know why, but she is always doing that. Sometimes she paints pictures, too, and puts new holes in the wall. I guess humans like for things to sit around so they can look at them. I like to do that, except I like to look out the windows in the front room, and growl at this man who brings papers and envelopes and puts them in this box by the front door. He brings them almost every single day. Seems like he would wise up and maybe come once a week and bring a whole bunch at one time. Maybe he likes the exercise. Whatever. He seems like maybe he is a nice guy, but I just remind him that he is not welcome to come inside the house. I don't think my mama and daddy really know him, anyway. 

My daddy made these flames and sparks inside the brick thing again. I tried to help him, but it was too hot for my nose. He has been yelling so loud at the TV. Sometimes he even jumps up and down and claps. He kinda gets a little scary when he watches some things on TV. There are all these guys wearing the same outfit, and playing with a ball. But some of the guys have on a different outfit. There are always lots of whistles and people in the crowd yelling. My daddy yells too, but I don't have the heart to tell him that the people in the TV cannot hear him, no matter how loud he yells. Sometimes, you just have to let the humans do what they think is best, even if you know they are just wasting an opportune time for a nap. 

My daddy is done playing with the flames now, so I am going to say goodbye and hang out over here and play with my rope. If my mama asks, tell her I did a good job writing for her, so she will let me come back.

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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

What a smart guy. I love you Curtis! Come back again.