08 January 2015


Hello loves! I don't know about where you are, but it is absolutely frigid here. We aren't used to this kind of cold around these parts. If you've been reading awhile, you know I help at my father-in-law's store, Davis General Store. The building was built in 1908 and there is no running water.
And no indoor restroom.
There is an out house........... Mmm-Hmm.
The temperatures were in the teens today. Good times, good times. I could see my breath inside the store the whole day unless I was next to the gas stove. And I still love my job. Now that you're imagining using an outhouse in the freezing cold, let's move on to the mantel, shall we?

I do love a mantel. It's like a canvas created for vignettes. No commitment. Easy to change up depending on the season or your mood. The same can be said for a nice sideboard or entryway table.

This year, I wanted to use the milk glass vases I've picked up in thrift shops over the last couple years. And, I thought I'd leave the mirror up from Christmas because I like the added light it brings to the room. Once I placed my milk glass and white wooden salvaged piece {not sure what else to call it}, I added in a couple of green vases and others that I'd spray painted. I topped it off with some green candles and fresh rosemary from our yard {which smells amazing and you can never go wrong by adding some plant life IMO}, along with some sprigs of gold, and a tiny, sweet deer I picked up at Goodwill. It still felt like something was missing, so I got the silver vintage garland back down out of our Christmas decorations and added it to the bricks for a nice contrasting pop.

Meanwhile, Curtis Loew is all like, "What is that black thing attached to the front of your face?"

I'm diggin' it. But, February may beckon the vintage Valentine's cards. We'll see.
Please believe there will be some flames flickering in that fireplace tonight. Holy Brrr.

How often do you change up your mantel decor? Am I the only one with this illness?


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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I always love your mantels.

I'd love to go thrifting with you. I think we'd have a great time.

Aleshea said...

ohh I love your mantel