26 January 2015


How was your weekend? Splendid, I hope. Mine was pretty fab. I requested a date night from Hubs, so we decided to venture out on Friday. Friends, I spent real time on my hair and make up, and wore my most favoritest perfume. After realizing our spot was booked until 9:00 due to Restaurant Week {totally forgot about that}, we headed over to Mellow Mushroom. It's one of my faves because they have gluten free beer and pizza. So, we put our name in, headed over to grab a drink while we waited, and were told that they were out of my gluten free beer. What. The. What, y'all. Sooooo, we placed a take out order, hit the Teeter, and headed home to the couch for snuggle clothes and some Downton catch up time. {We are only in season 4. I totally wonder what they are doing when I go to bed at night. Then, I realize: a) it's only a TV show and b) even so, I am a whole season behind}

Saturday I hit up a local Habitat ReStore for a shopping field trip. I heard these shugs were going to be there, and yes, I can attest, they do exist in real life. {Y'all ever creep on people follow people's blogs/instas and start to feel like you know them IRL?} Anyhoo, these two were totally sweet and down to earth. "Let's get a picture. We love Instafriends!" You can check Jennifer out here and Cheryl out here. I recommend!

And, I am pleased to inform y'all that the Habitat ReStore did not disappoint! I scored some Tobacco Leaf plates & mugs, some vintage books, a milk glass lamp, and a little something for Hubs' birthday next month. 
So - the Tobacco Leaf china - you see, I have a thing for tobacco because I'm from a tobacco county, and my family were tobacco farmers. I spotted this china awhile back, and fell in love with the colors and the design. So, you know. Natch, I had to buy them. I mean, five plates & five mugs for $15? Yes'm. Here's what I did:

I bought some plate hangers and arranged the plates above a painting I did of my great great uncle, Herman. It was painted from a picture my cousin had of Uncle Herman at the tobacco barn. The tobacco sticks on the left were my great granddaddy's, and the tobacco leaves were snatched {with permission} from a friend's tobacco field this past summer. I love mixing different textures, as well as combining old with new. If a piece in a space has a story or meaning, all the better!

Oh! I also scored some new light bulb covers. {I'm sure these have a more specific, appropriate name?} The one on the right is what came with the house when we bought it. These were a bit too curvy and feminine for me. I got four of the one pictured on the left for $2 each. Exciting stuff, friends!

Here is the lamp. I love, love, love me some milk glass. It's vintage, but still workable in a variety of spaces. I love solid white as well. Texture, without being too much. {Those books in the photo were purchased for 50 cents each, y'all! Books are your decor friend!!}

And here's what I did with the Tobacco Leaf mugs. I will use these, but you know me. I thought they were too pretty to hide. So, I got some cup hooks from the Davis General Store, and look how pretty they are just hangin' out. {Somebody needs to get to caulkin' up in that kitchen, don't they? Yikes.}

Here at the Davis Hizzle, we like to roast some nice, healthy vegetables after a night of gorging on beer and pizza. Life's all about balance, you know. We did potatoes, onions, carrots, and brussels sprouts with garlic powder, salt, pepper, olive oil, and some tumeric. {Is it pronounced TOOM-er-ic or too-MAIR-ic?}

Sunday we churched, painted, napped, laundered, you know. 

How was your weekend? What are your favorite thrift spots? Where do you have the most luck?


Tracy said...

Found a new tavern and s new thrift store this weekend!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I absolutely love your finds and arrangement of the plates/sticks/leaves. It's nice to honor our past in our present home.

I say too-meh-ric but I think it's actually ter-meh-ric.