04 February 2015


Hello there, shugpies! Happy Wednesday, riiiight? Party in the house! Wednesday is my work-from-home-get-stuff-done-marketing day. It is 1:24 pm and I am in my PJ's. I have had a good bit of Diet Coke. Anyhoozle, one of my to-do's for today was this here garland. You see, I have an obsession with vintage linens. I find it extremely difficult to resist buying them. Even when they are stained. Or when they won't fit any of the beds in my house. Yes, even then. Because I just know they have some kind of magical life left in them, you know? Welp .... I give you Fabric Fringe Garland ... made {mostly} of vintage linens. It's totally easy.

1) cut fabric into strips that are about 1.5-2" wide, and about 2 feet long. 
note: it's important that the fabric look the same, or almost the same on both sides

2) Knot the fabric over your string/rope
 {I used thick string, and doubled it up}
You can tie a knot, or you can do what I did ... which has a name, I'm sure, but I couldn't find it. 
#bloggeroftheyear But, you fold the fabric in half, forming an upside down U shape behind your string, then you loop the tails of the fabric back through the space between the arch of the U and the string so that your fabric is secured around the string. Then you tighten. Got it? Good. You can probably look closely at the picture below and know what I mean. I also did two strips of different fabric at once/in one knot throughout most of the garland in order to add some texture.

3) Just keep tying until the garland is as full as you'd like. 
I didn't do any sort of pattern, but I did try to do pieces spread out about the string, and then fill in the gaps as I went so it looked balanced and I didn't have too much of one fabric/color in one spot.

Tons of uses: 
Shower/Party Decor
Photo Backdrop
Dorm Room Decor
Child/Nursery/Teenager Room Decor
Decor Anywhere! {let's get craaaaazy!} 

Depending on the color scheme, this could work for a number of holidays or events.

If you want to do a dog photog session, you may want to lower your garland to his level. Tons of awkward negative space going on here.

If you like, but you're not feelin' crafty, check me on Etsy!


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cool! so excited about your shop!