11 February 2015


We finally got our hooks hung! {That sentence sounds weird, right?} So, we had this lonnnnnng 2x4 that was already black and all patina-y looking, but it was too long for this wall, and I ended up deciding I didn't want it all the way across after we got the cubbies up. Sooo, we chopped it down and hung it to the left of the dresser.

We cut the 2x4 down to a shorter length, then I hit it with the electric sander to distress it some. We'd already gotten some random mismatched hooks from the flea market, so we half measured/half eyeballed it, and attached those.

The actual board is screwed into the walls into the studs. Since this is a basement with paneling walls, we decided to just go the more secure route and attach it to the studs, especially since this will stay put for awhile since it serves a "mudroom" purpose.  We knew early on after buying the house that we wanted to create somewhere that "caught all the incoming/outgoing" that happens on a daily basis. With the cubbies, the drawers of the dresser, and these hooks, I feel like everything has a place, and is easy to grab quickly.

We are both pleased with how it turned out! Do you have a system at your house for managing all the stuff that you need to grab & go?

Also, new stuff up in the etsy shop, y'all!

Happy Happy Wednesday!!

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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

You know what I want most in my next house aside from two full baths? An entry way somewhere where I can do something like this.

Looks great!