29 March 2015


Know what I love, friends? A nice, deep couch. Something akin to the size of a twin bed. Nappable. Room for me, Anj & Curtis Loew should we feel the urge to get our snuggle on. We always take the back cushions off of our couch so that this dream can become a reality. And then, we'd put them back on when we were done. But, I said, "Enough!" I took them guys off and stuck 'em under our guest bed. Thankfully, the back portion of the couch is fully upholstered, so there's no ugly, just stiff. 
Enter: lots of pillows. Beauty of this is, when you're sick of them, or they get destroyed by your disobedient dog who chewwwwws on everything, you can just replace them. {All are IKEA, except the tan ones with the pom-pom fringe, which are from a local shop, Crossings on Main. Hello flash sale!}

Nope. No cushions on this one either.
Pillows! Pillows! Pillows!


I am also all about some fresh blooms in the house. Friends, you do not have to spend a ton on flowers to keep your house lookin' fab. Think outside the box with greenery and branches also. These are clippings from the Dogwood in our back yard. I was going to add to them, but I'm diggin' the branchy-ness.


As I sat on the couch, surrounded by my new snuggly pillows, admiring my Dogwood clippings, I decided I was so over the shutter closet doors in our entryway. They don't go with our vibe. We ain't exactly shabby chic, and we ain't exactly farmhouse. But - I didn't want to just toss them. For forever, I pondered other ways to use them, and assumed we'd get new doors to go here. But, friends, when you buy a house, there is a magnetic force which surrounds it, and it just sucks money straight out the windows. Soooo, I'm all like, "I'm gonna go downstairs, and use the black semi-gloss that the previous owners left here for us!" 


I feel like the black with gold hardware updates it a smidge, and the contrast is fabulous, friends. No more "I used to be white, but I stay dirty and therefore I look dingy and ewwww all the time" closet doors. I'm happy about the semi-gloss because they will be easier to dust and vacuum than the flat finish funk "white" that was on there before. I would show y'all a picture of the before, but I'm too lazy, and it's just gross anyway. You can see the before funk on my Instagram @shuginboots. Love, love, loving the contrast.

I've pretty much spent the rest of the weekend alternating coffee and wine, and just staring at them in their black gorgeousness.
How do you feel about dark paint? Have you tried it in yo house?! Do tell.


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I haven't used dark paint, but I like it.

I love taking the cushions off the back of the couch. Ours are definitely the size of a twin bed without them. It's wonderful to relax on. Your pillows look great!

Always in a Southern State of Mind said...

Absolutely gorgeous decorating ma'am! I need to you to come do my house!

Jess said...

Oh my goodness. How in love with your living room are you right now? I LOVE those doors!

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

Thank you! You know I'd love to help! :)

Miss Lizzie said...

Your house is so beautiful!! Beth you are so amazing!! Always have been creative and bright, and you are super talented! I love those colors! Your blog belongs in a magazine! I want to visit!!