14 April 2016

It's Been Over a Year & I Have 10 Things

1) I almost forgot how to sign in to this blog. Or how to navigate it. Or what it was about.

2) 80s Country on Pandora - wow. Reminds me of riding to the babysitter's house in the mornings when I was around 3. Islands in the stream. That is what we are. No one in between. How can we be wrong? Sail away with me - to another world. And we'll rely on each other. Uh huh. From one lover to another. Uh huh.

3) I think both of the baby's feet have been under my right boob for about five days.

4) I am preggo.

5) I am sick of: the idiots running for president, this cough I've had since January, hearing about where people in the state of NC take a piss

6) The other night, I dreamed of corn dogs and Diet Mt. Dew, two of the healthiest things a preggo can ingest, clearly. The next day, I begged hubs to bring me some home from the grocery. He did. I had one today for lunch with both mustard and ketchup.

7) Now playing: I Sang Dixie (As He Died) #DwightYoakum #TallMenInTightPants #ElectricGuitar #BowMowMowwww

8) One of the following women is not an actual member of my family. Only true history buffs will know: Ma Hubbard, Ma Maidie, Aint Quella, Ma Barker, Poochie, Weeze

9) I am on a purging mission. So far: sideboard, all dressers, bathroom drawers and closets, kitchen drawers, fridge, office/craft room, Pinterest account, Facebook friends list, Instagram account, email accounts, linen closet, hall closet. Never did read the Japanese decluttering book. Just the title got me all excited.

10) Target has a brand of gluten free cake mix called King Arthur. It. is. the. bizzzz-omb.

I've been itching to blog, but I'm on the fence about some things. Topics. Bluntness. Privacy. Ya knowww. Hope to be back soon, shugs.


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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I've missed you my friend! I'm glad to see you post. I get the privacy thing, etc.

I'm hoping to purge like a boss this weekend. Sounds like you're nesting!

My guess...Ma Barker is not a relative.