26 January 2011

10 Important Matters

(I stole this title/idea from the Pioneer Woman - I love her.)

1. My husband is a hottie and I'm so thankful God blessed our relationship to have what it takes to make it. If today was our last day together, I could die knowing that we have been given a love that some people never find in a lifetime. Just look at that wedding band on his hot little hand. (Sorry - maybe I should have warned you that you might throw up in your mouth a little).

2. I'm still motivated to keep working out and eating healthy. (I rewarded myself tonight with a cherry Toaster Strudel - and I don't feel the least bit guilty. My blood sugar was 54 and I wanted it. Thanks.)

3. I love my job.

4. Sylvia is my homegirl.

5. The coffee @ work is wayyyyyyyyyy more hardcore than ANYTHING Starbucks could POSSIBLY put on the market. I drank about 10 oz. @ 9am - was still whacked out around 5 pm. My acupuncturist probably would not approve of its affect on my kidney chi.

6. I'm working on a surprise for a surprise person in my life. I hope he/she/it/they/him/her likes it.

7. My lifelong sister in dia-bee-tuss is having a baby girl!

8. Friday I get to not work, but help with wedding fun-ness and eat lunch somewhere TBD ....annnnnnnnnd .......... ANJ COMES.

9. It seems like Jesus is looking out for everyone around me. He will provide! :)

10. I'm going to eat the Homestead Salad Bar on Saturday night and show off my hot husband to people I haven't seen since I was a kid.

Jesus so gots my back.


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Ashley said...

I'm so glad you still use the term "thebomb.com" because I do too & I always think of our crazy/fun last bonding weekend together. So glad things are going great for you guys!!!