30 January 2011

Raleighwood Sundays = Love.

 When I woke up today, I was thinking about two things - well three:

1) ZZ Top's "Every Girl's Crazy Bout a Sharp Dressed Man" (it's the song of the day - EVERY MORNING OF MY LIFE, I WAKE UP WITH A RANDOM SONG IN MY HEAD)

2) Pork products and coffee....I could smell something cookin' downstairs...either sausage or bacon...and coffee...mmm


After breakfast with the fam, Anj and I headed to the Raleigh Flea Market on this glorrrrrious sunny day! I remember my first trip to the flea market when I was a little girl - early elementary school with my Meemaw - and every year after that I asked when we were going back. Some of my fondest memories of me and Hazel when I was little is our yard sale trips and random junk stores. We still enjoy it now. It's something that's in your blood, I guess. Other people see junk - I feel my heart racing with excitement like I've had 3 cups of WSES coffee.

I'm such a sucker for door knobs, keys, face plates, escutcheons (the cool old school key holes that you put the key into) ... what a delicious display.

I'm addicted to keys - what I'm going to do with them...I don't know yet, but that's not important.

These are escutcheons ...

 The same man is always at this space - I LOVE that old headboard/footboard set - But, I'm lucky enough to have one that my Meemaw gave me... The flea market is one of my favorite things about Raleighwood. It's like a magical treasure hunt - and talking to the vendors is half the fun - being a girl with a southern accent almost guarantees a discount. (Don't tell anyone I said that).

Okay, those of you who know me well know that I'm OBSESSED with vintage baby stuff. Nope - I'm not preggers, but I just love it. This bench was made from a toddler bed which was cut down. LOVE! I got his business card, and I will be in touch whenever there is in fact, a baby Davis on the way.

I could spend days.......

There is a special place in my heart for trunks... but I already have two. Anj told me I couldn't buy anymore. There's nowhere to put them. What will I put in them, etc. etc. etc. I like to think about who they belonged to and where they've been. Prolly just in some tobacco farmer's bedroom...but still...it's fun to imagine.

I don't iron now with the handy dandy electrical kind. Imagine havin' to heat these beasts up first...psych! My 1800's family would just have to be wrainkled.

What's not fun about a collection of abnormally large wrenches? And a random giant pair of scissors?

Really - is there a proper caption for this?

Fill your child's room with a wealth of knowledge - then hang these here horns above the crib!

Bag says: "Will do ANYTHING. I need a new home. $50."

Look at the creepy doll head back there.

My fantasy mailbox when Anj and I buy an old farmhouse to fix up somewhere in Harnett or Johnston Co. (There prolly ain't none left in Wake).

Really sad this turned out blurry. Whattup dentures?

"Keep Smiling - and people will start to call you the grinning idiot" (or somethin like that)

Great for the man cave.

No matter how many old Ball jars I see, I'm still sucked in ...

Sears Roebuck from the 40's (or so I was told by the pusher)

"It's somethin that everybody wants, and nobody needs." Hey - at least he was honest.

Lots of wrought-iron rust-tastic magic.

Tru Dat.

It's important to take proper security measures in case a riot breaks out at the Flea Market ???

Yummy vintage jewelry.
 My strongest flea market addiction:
THE BELT MAN. I have purchased four belts and a bracelet from him so far - only one of them was actually for me. It would be selfish not to share.

You pick out whatever color leather belt you want for $18 and then you can have whatever name you want put on it, along with other nifty stamps if you like - horseshoes, butterflies - whatever floats your boat...and you can upgrade to a more baller buckle for the cost of the buckle.

Con: The dude is a Carolina fan - but, I notice the gun is pointed at the Duke Blue Devil - so at least he's better to hate Duke than the 'Pack.

Study this carefully ...

Healthy flea market snack option - although the hotdogs smelled sooooooooooooooo yumm-tastic!
 Okay, so after a couple hours' worth of walking around....this was my purchase...and I only had to get up off of 50 cents.......

This - is a cigarette case annnnnnnnnnd lighter in one. That's right folks. Two in one. (No- I don't even smoke). More on this later.

After a couple hours at the FM, and a pit stop by Father & Son (too elated to take pics - sorry) ... we got hawngray ... 
Of COURSE Anj had read an article............about Boylan Brewery...and here it was:

It was a deliciously warm day and I wanted somewhere that we could eat outside.

The most delicous fries EVER in a handy little cut off paper sack. Mmmmmm!!!!! My pork loin sandwich with fried onions and beer bbq sauce was also def. worthy of smackin' the $&%! outta ya mama.

Although Anj looks very trendy and super in this photo - the point of it is that PRECIOUS old man in the background. LOOK AT HIS CUTE WIDDLE SHOES!!!! Anj could be right - I think his wife knows my game.

 Okay, so after a delicious lunch...home we go where my brother (who is trying to quit smoking) is able to provide tiny little Marlboro Mediums for a photo to show my cig holder's full potential (which I actually plan on using as a place to stash cash in a tiny purse that won't hold my wallet for a magical night out):

Every good smoker knows you turn one over for luck after you pack em. Duh.

The super baller metal polish which helped to remove the yuck off of my handy new cig case/gangsta money clip.
The bro hard at work shinin' that thang down! He can fix juuuuuuuuust about anything. Didn't wear safety goggles though. Tisk tisk. (Please observe the bits & particles flying through the air).

Perfect end to the day. Pickled okra homemade by yours truly - mmmmm!
Raleighwood Flea Market is just one of the 976340873593875 why Raleigh makes me feel magical inside. :)

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Ashley said...

You have no clue how incredibly jealous this post makes me!! I can't think of the Raleigh Flea Market without thinking of you. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures & making me feel like I was there if only for one minute. You got some great shots! I also love the Ball jars! And don't you know Johnston Co. has great schools, plus it is closer to the beach. Boo for Harnett Co.!! I miss you!!