18 April 2011


These are the sweeeeet moo-moos that live in our neighborhood. I love to go for a walk and see them out grazing. They are always soooo cute - widdle babies hangin out with their mamas or my other favorite - the long horns. Unfortunately, they won't come close to the fence for a photo opp (they make me feel like such a creeper because I have been known to creep up to their fence from several different angles to hopefully get one friggin decent shot of them), so I have to gets what I can. These pictures were taken on my handy cell phone as I slammed on breaks on the way into the neighborhood and pulled Sylvia over once I realized the cows were remotely close enough to take pictures of.

Weird side note - 

I like to imagine what the cows are thinkin at random times -

Cow: "Oh hey, Shug. Whatchu doin? Oh, you wanna take some pitchers? Okay. Hey y'all look up, Shug wants to take some pitchers of us. Smiiiile."

Studly long horn on the left: "I'm too sexy for my horns, too sexy for my horns - so SEXY it HUUUUUUURTS"
Middle cow: "Psssh. Whatev. You can look at what I think about it."
Right cow: "Oh hey Shug! Y'all! She's back for more pitchers. Everybody smiiiiile!"

"Shug can take pitchers all she wants, I'm eatin supper."

I hope these pics of the sweet moo-moo's make you smile. :) On a side note, I wore my cowboy boots to work with a skirt today to make my Monday better, and one of my girls said, "Is today a special occasion, Mrs. Davis?"

Me, confused: "No. Why?"

"You shuah look fancy today in your cowgirl boots and skirt!"

"Thanks. I do feel right fancy."

I finished up my Monday with a trip to the gym. MUCH NEEDED TRIP. When I was ready to quit, I just thought of the chili and cheeseburgers and Palmetto cheese and bacon we ate this weekend. Nothing like a little shame to keep you goin.
This stuff could be more addictive than crack. Don't eat one bite unless you wanna eat 16 bites. I just eat it out of the container. Scrait up. Who can fight the urgency long enough to find crackers or bread? Hubs says I'm gross. I told him never to bring this poison home again. Who can come up with the best caption for the woman on the top? GO!

On an encouraging note - 

In addition to being motivated to minimize the flappy arm wavy stuff that I can feel when I write on my board at school, it really helps to be at the gym while my brother is there. 1-800-GYM-NAZI. (PS - it's only a coincidence that it fits a regular phone # - I am not responsible/endorsing). 


Hope all of you had a Mag-tastic Monday as well - if not, at least it's over and tomorrow is one down, 4 to go til Friiiiday! (Which I personally am thrilled about because I have a special play date planned with my lovely Berry Babe!)



teaguej11 said...

Hey Shug!! For the lady on the top... looks like Aunt Jemima started maken pimento cheese too! One of my favorite samiches!!!... specially with a bowl of soup/stew!

mledavis78 said...

She kinda looks like the picture of the grandmother stirring her "saucy balls" that the guy on the NBC TV show "Next Great Restaurant" had as his logo for his "Grandma's Saucy Balls!" LOL!

Keep the humor coming! You keep me rolling...

Peace, E

Ashley said...

I need to send you some pictures of the cows on Joseph's family farm. His sister, Ashley is always getting some great shots. I absolutely love your humor & wittiness & I can't wait to see you Friday!! Sadly, anyone who ventures over to my blog via your link will probably be disappointed.haha

Amber said...

So... as I was reading the part about the little 4th grader and your cowboy boots, all I could think was, "You fancy huh?, You fancy huh? LOVE that tune. You so fancy Mrs. Davis! <3