22 April 2011

Jesus Takes Care of His Shugpies!

Here is yet another example of how I know - 

The last few months, off and on, Sylvia has been trying desperately to tell me something:

But I wasn't listening, because she would say it and then not mention it for awhile, then she kept bringing it up again. However, these last few days, that little light has been winkin at me from the DIC (Driver Information Center - duh).
According to the manual, this means that there could be an issue with the traction system. Well, ugh! I don't really have time to worry about the traction system, but after Sylvia's insistence that I address the issue, I googled. 
Turns out (of course) this is a COMMON problem - people noticed it especially when it was cold, and then when the car warmed up, the light went off. 
Or - one guy's light went away after he put some air in the tire. 
Couple of mechanic sites mentioned a wheel speed sensor being faulty.


So, this mornin, I'm whinin to my mama because my brother said it's no big deal and it ain't worth payin the money to fix. But I HATE how the light just glares at me. Ugh!

But I got over it.

And this mornin I woke up excited because today was Fun Time Reunion with My College Dorm-Mate Day. I decided to stop worryin over the dang light. And, it was Good Friday and I had a yummy breakfast with my mama, and then I headed out. After fun time with Ashley, it was time for a magical Easter weekend with the hubs. Let's get crackin.

Yay! Yay! Yay! 

So, off I go to meet my Berry Hall shugpie, me and Sylvia just listenin' to the radio. Almost therrrrre!

Loud pop. 

Turn radio down. 

Hear nothing.

Keep driving.

Everything's fine. 

 Hit cruise control. 

Nope. Not workin.


What the deuce?!

Then - 

All of a sudden ...

Sylvia really really really prefers going right instead of straight.

Red light.

Decide to pull over in the right turn lane. 

Here's the verdict:

Obviously, this picture was taken after I'd had a moment to calm down. After being on side of the road with the hazard lights on. After watching/smelling the smoke coming from Sylvia's tire parts. Ummm.....

Call bro.

Call hubs.

Call mama.

Call Tyrone.
(I got jokes.)

I'm about an hour from everyone I know. But not really sure where I am exactly.


Enter sweet little older man wearin a hat that said somethin about Jesus on it. 

I know. I know. He coulda been an axe murderer, kidnapper, etc. etc. etc. But, hey - I coulda been 10 kinds of crazy too and had some gunman in the back of my car just tryin to lure him over to the side of the road. I mean, clearly, we learned from Big G's story of the chick who tied her cheatin boyfriend up, and beat the tarrrrrrr out of him with her high heel - that WOMEN FOLK CAN BE CRAZY TOO. 

Anyway - my instinct felt fine upon a brief evaluation of this man. And, I had already told Anj exactly where I was in case he never heard from me again - he could report where I was abducted from. 

Anyhoo ... 

He stopped and checked out Sylvia's wound, and BY THE GRACE OF GOD - his house was literally across the intersection and he was a mechanic. (Can I get a THANK YOU JESUS)? Can I get a What? What? for sweet widdle (or big) southern men who are chivalrous and not whack jobs?

Sooooo ... Sylvia limped slowly and painfully, across the intersection of a four lane highway, crying and whining all along the way to get her wound taken care of.

Jesus sent this shugpie as Sylvia's Guardian Angel today.

After applying some bubble-makin magic and a little water to the tire, he was able to locate the leakage.

Thankfully, he was able to patch her right up and we didn't have to use the spare. I tried and tried to get him to let me pay him. 

Nope. He said he has two daughters as well and thought, "What if it was one of my daughters? I'd want somebody to help them too." He told me that he believes that Jesus expects us to help each other. You know - Jesus can present Himself as any old person needing some help. What a sweet heart! God bless his widdle heart!

Remember this picture from my other post? And how I said I think Jesus sends us angels here on earth to take care of us - His hand is in everything. Well - today, Mr. Richard was Sylvia's angel that God sent along to help us.

Mr. Richard is the angel. That's me and Sylvia walkin - and the bridge would be HWY 70 - yikes!

Sylvia felt so much better after her medical attention:

As I rode to meet my shugpie, Ash, I was just thinking what a wonderful reminder Mr. Richard was of the fact that God always has His eye on us. And we are never alone. If He can handle the little stuff like a scared female with a flat tire on the side of a highway, then He can handle the big stuff too. 

Despite a bumpy start to my Good Friday - I was able to continue my day with this girl:

Girl was SO EXCITED they had her cucumber tomato salad!

Shopping, laughing, catching up and eating this insanely tasty potato salad:

PS - The "somethin ain't right with your traction system" light went OFF. After 200 miles, it's still OFF. My non-mechanical opinion - when your tire pressure is whack - the light comes on because: 

- if one tire lacks pressure, then yes, it's wheel speed will be different, because if it's losing air, then it's going to have more rotations in a given time than the non-leaking tires.

- it's not that the car is warming up, and making the light go off - it's that the tires are warming up and swelling, thus making the pressure imbalance less significant

-cruise control will be whack because all/some of the tires differ in air pressure so it's difficult to calibrate.

Disclaimer - I could be WAYYYYY off. I just like to analyze things. I'm just glad the light went off.

On this Easter holiday - let's all remember this sweet Man here: He loves us. And that's certainly somethin to be happy about.

Also, I don't know what Rascal Flatts' intention was when they created this song, but it always makes me think of Jesus:

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Happy Easter friends. 


kiminnc said...

Good lord what a day! I'm glad you and Sylvia are safe!

teaguej11 said...

Liz says she thinks of your song exactly the way you do... even talked to her mama about singing it in church this Sunday!!

teaguej11 said...

This post makes me think of Tewanda and how you used to get your money out of her too!!

Ashley said...

What started off as a very eventful day turned out to be one sweet little reunion...even though it had been 2 years & 2 weeks since we had seen each other. I'm so glad you had a 'come to Jesus meeting' & he took care of you & Sylvia this Good Friday. He is so good to us when we allow Him to be. I hope you enjoyed the food as much as I did because that is one excited face I've got in the picture.haha

Katie said...

What a cute lil old man...glad he was able to help you and Sylvia out. Loving the blog :) You still make me laugh out loud, literally.