28 April 2011

She Crayyyyzy, but I luh herrrrr!!!!

You know how sometimes you feel like writing, but you're not sure what to write about? That would be me. Now. This post will be NOTHING short of random.

WARNING - if you are from the boy kind, you will NOT be interested AT ALL in readin this most likely.

I've been thinking a lot lately about girlfriends. I feel very blessed, and will always cherish the memories that I have with girlfriends in middle school, then high school, and then college. I have one friend I've known since 2nd grade!!! (Amanda - remember when we went to the fair?!?) I have been extra blessed to maintain a handful of these friendships.

Remember the feeling that there was ALWAYS someone to confide in, someone to listen, someone to critique your outfit before you went out, someone to listen to music while you get ready...with...? Does that sentence/question even make sense? The girls who listened to you whine about Mr. Get-Over-Him-Already one too many hours. The ones who weren't afraid to tell you you were playin your own face. Or tell when ya behind looked gi-normous in that dress. Friendships that survived parents' divorces, friendships that were strengthened by losing another friend way too soon. God always opens another door for us ...

Anyhoo, my point is....life happens so fast. We spend so much time waiting to grow up, and graduate and find Mr. Magical and the perfect career, where you will live and settle. But then, you wake up one day, and wonder where time went.

Another area of my life where God has been VERY GOOD TO ME is my husband. Meeting Andrew was proof to me, that God existed for 110% certain. He disproved every negative thing I had ever thought about a guy. I still wake up everyday wondering why I deserve him. I don't deserve him. But, I wonder, why God is so nice to me in that aspect. Anyway...

Girlfriends. We grow up. Get married. Have babies. Then, it's like an act of congress sometimes to find time to squeeze in a lunch or a girls' night out. Why is that? Is it that we are too tired, or there's no time, or is it more in just where our priorities lie? Are we worried that our husbands can't fend for themselves while we are away? Or, if we have children (I don't) I'm sure it's more exhaustion and no time to breathe.

But then - we are overworked, overbooked, too many things on the calendar, too many people pulling at us - more caffeine, more go-go-go. Or whatever you need to take to go-go-go.

But, maybe we are just trying to be too much and do too much. I don't know.

But, as I grow older, I think about things I'd like to teach a daughter of mine one day - whenever that time comes, or if I even have a girl. (Can y'all imagine?) What does she need to know is really important? I don't want her to be fried out on life when she is 25. It happens so easily. Graduate at the top of your class. Be a size 2. Make your parents happy. Make your husband happy. Pop out a beautiful baby. Have a wonderful career. Who the hell can do alllllllll of that? Where is the balance?

I think we have to choose. And sometimes, other women are our worst enemies with the judging, judging, judging. If you stay home with your kids because you think that is what is best for them, and your husband agrees - then you are lazy and have no ambition. If you work and focus on your career and have kids then you are a selfish mother. What gives, ladies?

To me- true "feminism" means:
let the woman do what she wants to do and mind your own business. 

On a separate note, I am becoming a bit of a softy. I almost typed "priss" but that is a bold faced lie. Let me clarify. Perhaps I chose "softy" because to me, I've never been that. Or anything delicate and girlish.


Some things I hate:
Soft pink
heels (they look hot, but I CANNOT pull that kinda madness off) - ouch!
GIANT bows on babies' heads (I'm sorry if you are offended by this)
prissy crisp outfits for male and female children
as a child I HATED dance class - my mama WISHED I would enjoy some tap and jazz ...NOOOOO THX!
I loathed tights. Umm. Yuckkkkk! They were NEVER long enough and I was constantly grabbing at my crotch because they were pulling themselves down.
dresses/skirts of ANY kind
nails - I struggggggggggle a lotttttttt not to rip mine off with my teeth (otherwise known as biting)


But, like I was saying, as I get older, I am developing a new appreciation for the girly side of things. Will I ever rock pumps everyday? Uhh, mega-negative on that one. Will I actually pay someone else to paint my nails? Umm, again, no, I don't get it.

But - I am starting to lose my complete opposition toward it. THAT'S ALL I'M SAYIN. I am doing WEIRD things lately - letting my nails grow and I PAINTED THEM! Can you believe that? And, I don't mind skirts, as long as I can wear cute almost flats, wedges or my cowboy boots. Progress! If I have a daughter one day who is a priss - I might be able to get over it. She will be outta luck with me as a mother, but I can definitely let her visit with her Aunt LE and Ber.

I think it's sad when we marry off and settle down and that has to mean losing our girlfriends. True friends are few and far between ... I think it's crucial to hang on to those lovely ladies and nurture those friendships now. I would love to be like the B's in the ya-ya movie or Steel Magnolias - are they crayyyzayyyyyyy? Yessss! For certain!

It's HIGHLY  likely a scene like this could be observed in my house in years to come ...

But - they love each other and have been through some raw $--- in their day (thanks Haze).

And not just friends-friends, but mamas and aunts and memaws. Love the ladies in your life. Crazy as they things may be!

To all my ladies - love youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

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