03 May 2011

Burn da Road up, B!

Fun things to do when visitin your hometown on a random Friday: 

1. Ensure husbands/children are tucked away safely and entertained elsewhere.

2. Pick up BFF from her hizzle. (Note - it may be necessary to wait for the dudes from Lowe's to leave the house first to make sure they don't tear the yard up A-GAIN.):

3. Obtain cold canned Diet Coke.

4. Discuss random details of work/husbands/life/kids/new watches/upcoming purse reception/etc.

5. Go hunt for junk treasures at thrift stores/consignment shops/flea markets/ yard sales and find absolutely magical tidbits such as these here:

What the deuce is that, you ask? Well, I'll tell you! This is the exact same mobile that was in Baby Beef's crib, my friends! 
Is Beef preggers now? Nope.
Is it weird that she buys random vintage baby stuff? It ain't kind to judge a stranger, shugs! I Love love LOVE love vintage baby stuff - especially Beef Era Vintage. Yes - my child will suffer through 80s baby decor.
(Thanks Ber for the mega-early b-day prize!)
Movin on....

If you know me - you know I totally LOVE me some North Cack-a-lack. I have lived in a couple other states - and it wasn't awful. But I love my NC! (Take ya shirt off, twist it 'round ya hand, spin it like a helicopta!) So, don't worry shugs, I will find somethin straight mag to do with this:

Don't you pass judgment on this either. I know what you are thinking. Somethin along the lines of, "What in THE hay-ull is she gone do with that tacky thang?" I know. Don't lie. I have a few ideas swarmin. And, I will let you know when I decide.

6. Get hongry, and go to Cole's to eat a bomb diggity hot dog - ALL THE WAY. Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Wit some bbq chips:

Yumm-tastic my frands!!!

Hey Ber!

Cole's is one of the many charming historical treasures in our great state! I if you don't have it already, check out Our Vanishing Americana here! EVERY North Carolinian needs this on their coffee table. Or sun
room. Anybody recognize that store on the front?? ;)

7. Go get a strawberry cheesecake milkshake from Cookout

But - before that - we heard somebody holler my name out - my MARRIED name, y'all! So, naturally, I was like, who in the 'boro knows my actual name? Who else but ..........
Unka Jimmy!

I heard him, and I thought, "Oh. My. Goodness! Could it be?!?" 
Fo sho.

I felt like we were in some children's book where they spend the day downtown and meet the firemen, and the cops and help rescue a puppy or somethin. 

8. Take a pit stop to pee at Ber's house. (Tooooo much diet coke). 

9. Decide to ride through the country and - friends, this is very entertaining: 
Ride by random menfolk outside hard at work on the yard or whatev (these peeps below were jus playin golf - get a damn job!) and just blow the horn and wave like crazy like y'all go back like Cadillac seats. They ALWAYS wave back. Just smile! :D

Who are these golfer shugs? Not a clue. But I bet their golf game improved after a friendly wave from Beef, Ber and Sylvia! 

10. I showed Ber my great grandparents' house - she'd already seen it. WHAT are the odds? 

11. She showed me her husband's grandmother's house. Needed to pee again. 

Too too too much diet coke.

11. Continue to burn back roads and wear out the ipod until the party was 

OVA. Til next time anyhoo. 

The day was a success because I got to hang out with one of my loves and have magical girl time. Doesn't have to be make up and nights out. I don't see myself wanting to live in my hometown anytime soon - but it is very nice to spend a day just riding random back roads with fresh air and one of your bestest friends! 

Take time to relax and do what makes you happy. Life's all about the little things. ;)

Hope everybody's havin a good week!



Amber said...

Just so you know Anj...that ain't no pants! I was wearing a dress that day! Best day ever Beef! Cannot wait to start my own BLOG! You are such an inspiration to so many. Mine will never be as good as yours! <3

HAZEL said...