06 May 2011

Dear Mama ...

On this Mother's Day weekend, I just wanted to let you know ...

that as I get older, and start to think of havin babies of my own, I am more and more appreciative of my own wonderful mama, my meemaw, my dear sweet aunts, and really, all the ladies in my life who have loved, guided, supported and tolerated me at times when that mess won't easy! God has truly, truly blessed me.

How precious! Mama at her baby shower for me!

My childhood is filled with memories that I will always treasure. And, I am proud to come from the family that I do. While life's circumstances weren't always perfect, and we may not have always agreed on every detail, the love has always been there.

I love you Mama! I hope I am as good a mama to my babies one day as you have been to us!
So, today, I wanted to dedicate this one to my Mama and the other lovely ladies in my life who have been there for Beefy. Here are some of the things that I've learned from those fabulous women (I could never possibly capture everything ... and I'm sure there will be more things that I'll learn with each passing day):

Do the best you can with what you have and trust God's plan - cause His is ALWAYS better than yours.

Treat people how you'd want to be treated - not how you'd like to treat them - people you want to smack the fire out of usually have more to their story than you know about.

Nobody's perfect, and God only gives things to us that He knows we can handle.

Enjoy your naked youthful face as long as you can, because once you start wearin make up, you feel ugly without it.

You don't just marry the boy, you marry his family too - and vice versa - so choose wisely (Dear Davises - I totally don't have any regrets. ;)  )

Try to keep your arms toned and eat healthy and get exercise while you are young - everything gets more difficult physically as you age.

Raising kids isn't easy and there's no manual. Pray through all of it, and remember, they aren't really your kids - they are sweet blessings that God is trusting you to take care of when they first come into this world.

Don't turn your back on your girl friends - whether they are in a place that you don't approve of, or whether you've just taken up with the love of your life - make time for your friends - you will need those friends later, and good friends are few and far between.

If a boy ain't nice to his mama - one day, it'll be you that he ain't so nice to. (Learned this one from the boy's mama). ;)

Once a cheater - highly likely he's always a cheater. And likewise with most other things - YOU can't change a leopard's spots - like him the way he is when you marry him - he ain't gone change unless he wants to - you ain't gonna do it for him.

Put God first - then your marriage - then your kids.

Baby oil works nicely for getting a tan, and for making your legs appear very toned. ;)

Always be grateful for what you have - constantly comparing yourself to others will only make you feel like dammit. And everybody's got their cross to bear.

Respecting your husband and being grateful for all he does = happy husband = happy wife = happy life.

Don't ever show it all - leave something to the imagination.

Be kind to others - and all of God's creatures.
James was my first best friend. He followed me everywhere. Mama knew if James was gone and I was gone, then we were somewhere together. He would let me sit on him, feed him, and put bows in his hair. RIP precious James! xo
There's nothin like ridin around with the windows down on random back roads to clear your mind and help you make sound decisions.

Never say what you ain't gone do - cause you never know when you will be put to the test.

Beer (not alcohol in general) eases PMS symptoms/severe moods. So, have a couple - not 12.

You can't take care of the world when you ain't takin care of yourself.

If a black cat crosses your path, make three X's across the windshield to "undo the curse". (Boeger - not sure about lizards, sorry.) ;)

Big fluffy snow suits are cute on widdle toddlers - even if your boy toddler is wearin one made for a girl. 

Only a dog wants a bone - a man would rather have a woman who is happy with herself and loves life and loves to have fun and loves and takes care of him --- than a really hot, skinny witch. If he makes you feel like you ain't skinny, hot, tan, gorgeous enough - kick his arse to the curb.

YOU teach a man (and other people) how to treat you.

Sugar-coatin things for your friends, kids, whoever - doesn't do anything but prolong their pain. Be honest with people - especially when they ask for your advice. They will be so thankful in the long run.

There's no love on this earth like your mama's love. And, nobody - other than your husband - will love your kids one day as much as your mama.
Me and Hazel with Eric when he was brand new!
 If you don't give your husband the attention he needs - he'll find it somewhere else. *This is not to condone infidelity - but it is what it is, ladies. Plus - the Bible says to be snuggly with your husband - no excuses.

Do what you think is best for your kids and your family - pray about it - and don't let other people make you question your judgment.

Make a little time for you each day - and get a little done each day - life isn't about makin sure everything is spotless and 100% taken care of all the time. It is a simply unattainable goal.

Don't be wasteful - there's usually somethin else you can use it for, or somebody else who needs it.

There's always somebody worse off than you, so quit your pissin n moanin.

Children need and crave discipline. If you don't discipline while they are growin up - they will learn it a harder way later on down the road - one way or the other - and you will learn with them.

Always be kind to people and help out however you can - you never know what battles they are fighting or how one smile or kind word can brighten their day or help them to look at a situation differently.  

Not sure whattup with the mattress pad situation.
Let your kids be creative and be who they are. Support their dreams. It's not your job to mold them into what you want them to be. 
It is tacky to bitch at your mate/husband - you will be "that woman" that everybody hates to see show up to the party.

Remind people that you love them and that they are appreciated.

Spend money wisely.

Caffeine is bad for your skin and makes PMS 123,876,345,557 times worse.

Never teach your child to feel sorry for him/herself - you will be surprised what a child can achieve with your support and encouragement. Mama - thank you for NEVER teaching me that I was different or handicapped in some way because I was diabetic, and for still having the same standards and dreams for me as any other kid.

Structure is very important. We were usually on a tight schedule - and had clear boundaries - this has helped me immensely in life, taught me discipline, time management, and made me much more able to care for my diabetes as well.

You never get too old to stop needin Mama.

Never question God's plans - just cause you don't see your prayers answered right.this.second. doesn't mean He ain't workin on it, and got it totally under control.

Always make sure your babies know how much their mama loves em. (One way you can show them is by keeping the size of the bows in their heads reasonable. Thanks!)

There will come a time when your kids think you are the biggest idiot ever made and they will hurt you and make you feel like you've never done anything right. (Sorry Mama/Hazel).

Be careful bout the bed you make - cause YOU KNOW you gone have to lay in it.

Always make birthdays and Christmas special. Family traditions are important and a legacy that you leave for your kids.

Leaving hair color on longer in hopes of achieving a darker color = purple hair.

Food coloring in your hair for Halloween .... is semi-permanent.

Don't beat on your little brother - because he will grow up to be 6'2" when you are only 5'6" and he will also have bigger muscles.
Oops! Please ignore tape residue at the bottom of the photo.
Let your kids suffer consequences when they disobey - they will learn much more quickly this way.

Be who you are up front - being fake will catch up with you when the real you just has to come out - and usually, everybody involved loses.

Make sure all passengers who have a tendency for car sickness are seated up front when MY mama T.C. Turbo is drivin.

Spend time with kids as much as you can while they are little - they will appreciate it - and it just doesn't work that way when they get older.

Up to $150 in change can be found swimming randomly in Hazel's pocketbook at any given time.

Buy clothes that fit. Trying to stay in your 5 years ago jeans when they are too little makes you look FATTER.

A little clear nail polish makes your hands look prettier when you are goin somewhere special and you are in a hurry.

Be grateful for good sleep while you can get it. Don't waste it.

Always be there for people in times of devastation and need - being remembered for that is more important than your job or most everything else on your schedule.

Red birds (aka Cardinals ;) ) are a sign of good luck. :)
Never ever ever let your kid sleep with you. It will be so hard to get them to stop. Sorry Mama. :)

Your kids never get too old for birthday whoopins. Although - they may try to resist. :)

The best Halloween costumes are homemade. 

Cutest widdle farmer ever.
How precious is this?!?

 Mama, I will never know how hard it really is to be a mama until I have kids of my own, but as I get older, I appreciate more and more everything that you've sacrificed for me and for our family over the years and still do today! Thanks for teaching me that life is not about stuff, or about circumstances, but about loving and caring for the people who are with you on the ride.

I will always cherish the memories I've shared and the lessons I've learned over the years ... I hope I can be a magical mama to my young-uns as well one day.


Happy Mother's Day to my mama and to my meemaw and to my aunts and all the mamas and care-givers out there!!!


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Great job beefy! LOVE YOU! I especially love the cure for PMS and the reference to sugar coatin' things. Thank you for not sugar coating all my bad mistakes! Heck, if it weren't for you being truthful at times, I'd prolly still be making those bad mistakes! LOVE YOU! Happy (future..one day...she preggers y'all) Mother's Day to you! <3