28 June 2011

It's the Little Things ...

I know. I suck. I have been gone for evahhhhhhh.

But - I had the most amazing weekend EVER with this stud pie here. We went to the beach and just relaxed and ate (way too much) and laughed and laughed and laughed. Priceless time. Best vacation ever. 

Be impressed with this. It took me a good bit with Anj's Swiss Army to get this baby on there. I'ma check hopefully next summer to see if it's visible and and gnarly and black from wear.

This was straight magicalness. Minus the ginormous gust of wind that came by and RIPPED our tent (and the stakes) violently out of the sand and dragged the tent down the beach like a raggedy piece of tumbleweed. 

RIP blue tent w/ red trim. Thankful it wasn't the NC Stizzle tent. ;)

In other news, I decided I'm sick of Bare Escentuals. Or at least, I figured I was sick of payin $30 for it. So, I paid $26 for this magic below, but it will last foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr and then I just bought the cheaper Physicians Formula mineral makeup from good ole CVS. HATE the container it comes in though. Top won't stay on, so I used one of my mama's old mineral makeup containers and dumped my new mineral makeup in it. Ghetto? Yes. But, serves the purpose I need it to serve. So, back to this Erase Paste by Benefit. 

It's brightening and hides the blackness under my eyes that indicates I haven't slept in three nights Thank you sensor for alerting me about everrrrrrrrrything going on in my body. Alllllll. Night. Lonnnnnnnnng.

Now, for the second part of my post. 

Meet Michaelangelo aka "Mikey", beloved Tatum/Davis/Cooper family member:

IRL, he's about 2" in diameter. When Brotha E first found him, he was wiiiiiddle bitty - about the size of a silver dollar. 

Here is a picture of the top of his mansion, which Brotha E constructed - real hard core, friends. Wood frame, wiring over the top (no snakes, heaven forbid they creep into the garage, can get Mikey now!), and a special light bulb. Looks like the top of a science project:

That shabby thang over there to the left is where Mikey was livin when times were harder. Now he a straight balla.

Get your Proper Care of Water Turtles learn on: 

Make sure your water turtle feels loved with these special treats:

Occasionally, your turtle may enjoy a field trip outside his ordinary habitat:

And by field trip, I DO NOT MEAN throwin. Mikey. into. the. trashhhhhhhhh because "he wasn't movin" (I'm not pointin fingers, but let's just say me and Eric are glad she didn't throw us in the trash when we were a little too still while we were nappin). 

But, she loves Mikey. As evidenced in the background dialogue in the video below...wait for it....waaaaaiiiiit for itttttt.....

Don't think turtles aren't smart. When Mikey sees any of us, especially Brotha E come to his tank at a certain time of day, he gets excited. And if there's a container that may contain fishin worms. Holy Smokes! Get back! Mikey is bout to tear that up! 

Everyone have a splennnnnnndid rest of the week!


Amber said...

So, that's the same way your mama used to talk to Prissy in the drive through at Wendy's when she was gettin' Prissy a kids meal or Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger. Ya'll clearly ain't got nothin' to do over there. LOL You know I be lovin' some turtles Beef. Is it a NC State Fair turtle? Sean would not let me win one last year :(

Miss Lizzie said...

LOL AMBER... I went to push the "like" button on your comment WOW i am obsessed with facebook. Anyway, that is exactly how Tracy talks to Prissy and it's like...intrinsically part of her character to talk like that she also talks like that to small children. LOL! I was like they are going to be getting a dog in no time LOL. Ya'll clearly ain't got nothin' to do over there. Haha. I can't wait to meet Mickey, he looks cool! I like the Beef N' Anj tag I've always wanted to do that but it seems to take a lot of time...so you sat there with a swiss army knife for real? haha your vacation sounds magical. have a good day! thanks for the blog it. i love it. i especially love how "Brotha E" concocted that cage for the turtle LOL-- real hardcore friends...