18 July 2011

A Healthier Beef

So, those of you who know me know about my appointments. My reason for needing to sneak out at 3:55. The fix I need to be able to keep on going. The thing that keeps me from cussin my diabetes - among other things - from here to Hades. 

Here she is:

I've blogged about acupuncture before here, and I've been very pleased. Acupuncture is the bomb because it acknowledges that all things in your body are linked, as to where Western medicine often treats the symptom or the physical ailment, acupuncture looks for the root of the cause - the why. Having had diabetes for almost 23 years, I am very interested in doing as much as I can for my body now while I am (fairly) young, and in identifying the root of the ailments I have so I can make dietary and lifestyle changes to prevent them. I have never, until now, felt that someone has addressed me as a WHOLE PERSON and all aspects of my health - stress, diabetes, allergies, hormones, muscle pains, dehydration, you name it. She talks to me about all of it and we work on a piece of it at each visit.

Here's the latest ...

At first, I wasn't going to write about this for the following reasons: 
1) No one will read it/care.
2) Close-minded people might think I'm weird.
3) I feel lazy. 

But then, I decided I have more reasons in favor of writing about this, including, but not limited to the following:
1) I need to quit caring so much what people think. 
2) Writing about this might make me more accountable to my health. 
3) Maybe someone will read this and be inspired to try acupuncture. 

Okay, so actually, I came up with three reasons for both, but I think my reasons for writing are better than my reasons for not writing. If you think it is weird/you don't give a crap, it is your lucky day. We live in a free country, and there is a red and white "X" at the top right that will allow you to escape from this page. 

So, now...let's get started: 

I have been feelin QUITE stressed lately with myself. Primarily my hormones (evil snots) and my diabetes - whose goal in life is to PISS ME OFF - with such measures as: the harder I try to take care of it, the more it acts CRAY-ZYYYYY, the more insulin I give, the higher the blood sugars, the healthier foods I eat, the more she wanna get smart wit me! These things are especially difficult for me because I am a  
I am NOT doing well with just havin my diabetes just hand me this $hi* and expect me to just deal. You can bite me Lil Miss Dia-bee-tus. Yes - I feel that with all the 'tude and drama and unpredictability, dia-bee-tus MUST be female, and I have no qualms in sayin so. I believe that my dia-bee-tus and my hormones get together late at night while I am sleepin and cook up plans to get at me, all while sending ANNOYYYYYYING alert messages to my pump EVERY. TWO. HOURS. which WAKE ME UP OUTTA MY SLEEP. They concoct plans such as:
* Hey - every two weeks lets just throw a wrench in there. Let's wait for her blood sugars to get pretty dang near perfect - you know - just so she thinks she's on to somethin good. Then, 

Wha - Bammm! 
 Ha! I'd like to see her try to control those blood sugars now! Psych! Nice try! Hehehe! Try again! *evil laughter coming from my hormones and dia-bee-tus*

I have had it wit dem beezies!

Do y'all hear me?!?!

Anyhoo ... 

acupuncture ...

So, here's the positive aspect of this blog post - yep - there is one, turns out. So, as a part of mine and Jennifer's plan (I don't know care if that is grammatically correct) - we decided that I most def need to get back to takin these. See, they are a lil expensive in my opinion, so I always wait *** time out - I am being RUDELY interrupted by my pump as we speak: ***

Anywayyyyyyyy - 

Like I was sayin, I normally wait for these babies to go BOGO at Walgreen's to save some scrilla which translates into umm, I haven't taken these in over six months (kept missin the sale obviously). But- a lot of my diabetes/hormone/insulin resistance whackness can be aided by takin these:

Dear Diabetic frands - if you are out there - GO BUY SOME OF THESE. Newsflash: Your regular endocrinologist (though I must say, I do love mine dearly) prolly ain't gonna grab you by the collar and demand you go get these. They are just in the vitamin aisle with all the other vitamins but they help with sooooooooo many things that insulin alone simply ain't gone do. The end. Things like your circulation, eye sight, metabolism of carbs and fat, hormonal balance and so many other things. The body is a system as a whole. There is no way diabetes is only going to affect the amount of sugar in your blood. Please. Go. Go now. Get some of these vitamins. You will be glad you did! You will feel so much better and keep things from fallin apart on down the road. Think of it like regular oil changes and maintenance for your car - except your body and long term health are so much more important. 

Okay - next: 

Jennifer also suggested seeing if gluten might be having a negative affect regarding inflammation in my body. I STAY jacked up with sinus problems and back and knee pain, and I do notice it gets worse at times when I've had a good ole dose of gluten. 

So my assignment, should I choose to accept it (which I did, duh) is this: 

Get ready for it. 



Adios, packaged foods:

Yes - even my beloved Nabs. 

Even my quick-my-blood-sugar-is-low-and-these-don't-have-to-be-refrigerated snacks:

Anything on God's earth with bread in it:

Here's the good news:

Chinese medicine does believe in the health benefits of red meat (and potatoes don't have gluten, THANK YOU JESUS).

* Disclaimer - duh, the bread still has gluten, I'll just not eat that. Also, Chinese medicine does not advocate for the health benefits of fried items soaked in grease and the damaging effects of soft drinks - especially diet ones - aka POISON. However, when one is super badly cravin red meat, it's prolly cause it's my one's body cryin out to me one for more iron and nutrients for my one's blood. Right, Jennifer? :)

So, Jennifer suggested I do a journal - of foods, blood sugars, whack hormonal episodes/urges to smack people/cry, energy level, etc. to see if we can nail down the "Is it gluten?" answer.

I told her - "Jennifer, I am neurotic about keeping data in any form. If I do it - it will just have to be color coded - it's just too much - sugars, moods, foods, sleeping habits, energy, etc. I will not be able to live with myself having all that information down without some sort of colorful, fun organization to motivate me."

Well, clearly it is meant to be because just this morning I found these on my desk:

Thank you, Cori Lyn for these bomb-diggity writing utensils that I LOVVVVVVVE. (I swear, if people bought me Papermate Flair pens and Nature Made Diabetes Vitamin packs for holidays I'd be a happy woman).

Also, I have a certain "planner" type book in mind that has LOTS of space to write for each day of the week - lots and lots and lots of writing space. ;)

Anyhoo - please pray for me frands. I love bread. And I get sick of tracking and keeping data as it is. But, I know this will be so beneficial. Also, if it is gluten, and I give up beer and bread, I am BOUND to lose weight right? Yeah, I know. I can't substitute the lack of bread with more fries and fried up red meat. Duh. I know that.

Just keep ya faingahs crossed. And if you see me snackin on ANYTHING packaged, or containing bread, or drinkin a beer - you have my permission to get smart wit me, run up and smack it out of my hand and say somethin like, "What the hell is wrong with you?! Are you insane?! Jennifer is going to be so disappointed! I don't even know who you are anymore. You disgust me!" etc etc etc

I will begin journaling ---


Wish me luck! ;)


Ashley said...

You can still have beer!! I know this because my friend Traci now has a gluten free diet. I am sure she can answer any questions you might have and/or help you with meal suggestions. Good luck with these 2 weeks! I think you're beautifully sexy no matter what : )

Raven said...

I agree with EVERYTHING 1000%!!! Diet pop=poison absolutely!! And I totally believe in acupuncture. Seriously I could have written this post myself. Totally awesome and spot on.

I tried emailing you back to respond to your most recent comment on my page but it said there was no email address for you :(

christi @ burlap and basil said...

how is it going?? i'm sure you figured this out but no beer unless it is gluten free beer. really, it will mess you up big time!