23 July 2011

Anti-Gluten/Food Diary Update


I cannot believe this -

but my blood sugars are so going down. Being diabetic isn't all fun and games in the first place, clearly. But, it is EXTRA aggravatin when you start to become INSULIN RESISTANT! Ugh! Anyway, my blood sugars are going down! Rejoice! Ahhh! Hallelujah! OmGeeeee!!!!!! This further proves that the foods/bevies/supplements (lack thereof) that we put into our bodies MATTERS. A LOT! 

Anyway, I'm friggin' stoked about this. Know how in my last post (umm, which can also be found conveniently below until this gets archived) I was talkin about how I am in love with acupuncture and my girl, Jennifer encouraged me to keep a food diary and eliminate gluten to see if it helped with numerous issues I'm having?

Welp - I'm on day 5.

And, (since y'all are prolly dyin to know) I have, as a matter of fact, been keepin up with my food diary, oh yes indeeeeeed:

Yes - I may have had deviled eggs and popcorn for breakfast for the first few days - then I switched to some spicy, gluten free soup. I have never been one to discriminate against foods based on what time of day it is. And, I love some cold soup right out the fridge.

I'll spare y'all the other details of the happenings in my body that I have also been recording. But seriously - I highly recommend doing a food diary - there are a zillion reasons to - it helps you really "see" what's going on - allergies, weight loss, mood changes, you name it. 
Honestly - the no gluten thing hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. I automatically feel better knowing that eliminating gluten has helped me to quit consuming so much junk in the first place - cookies, cake, muffins, packaged/processed foods, etc - It feels awesome to be proactive. I just cannot get over what's happening with my blood sugars! Next goal - no more diet drinks - if I HAVE to have a "drink" - I will try to make it one of these: 

I hope everyone is havin a splendid weekend so far! 

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Kate Barger said...

So why caffine free Coke? Just curious.