26 July 2011

Ooooh, weeee!! Look at dem pants!

First of all -

let me say - 

that I am in love with this:

Umm, yes, that is the cute little NC Stizzle Twitter following button thingy on gopack.com . Y'all - he is a cardinal, aka "red bird" aka my mama raised me to believe that these creatures are good luck, especially if they cross your path - much like the black cat is BAD luck when he crosses your path. (Yeah - we are part witch, whatev). How friggin' cute is that? Love him!

But, really, here is why I was at the gopack.com. Y'all know I love some NC Stizzle football season, but I am not a regular on gopack.com. I was at the gym tonight, sweatin away on the eliptical, watchin the news when I read the following captions: 

NC State unveils this season's new football uniforms...

The home jerseys, which are a bright, true NC State red, will have "STATE" emblazoned (git back, now!) across the chest, while the classic pants will be adorned with "Block S" logo.  The uniforms are made with TechFit fabric, which promises a more breatheable, comfortable fit for the players and the pants feature a sleek, beltless design.
"The uniforms have a very clean, traditional look," said head coach Tom O'Brien. "Our older fans will like them because they are reminiscent of the uniforms of great teams of the past and our current players will like them because they are stylish, comfortable and actually have elements that will benefit them on the field of play."
 I further learned that new new uniforms fit like a ......


* I wanted to edit this picture so badly, but I just stared and stared. Does it really need any help? I think it speaks for itself:

However, I did have fun with this one:

Both original images via NC State University 2011

Whatev. I like that it just says, "STATE" across the front. I do wish there was a lil stripe or some'in goin on down the side of the pants.

But, Debbie Yow's words were my favorite:

Director of Athletics Deborah A. Yow decided early in her tenure that she wanted the Wolfpack program to be identified as "STATE" on all uniforms. 
"It's a basic, bold statement:  State.  That's who we are." 

Now - off to dream of crisp fall temperatures, broken in jeans, cowboy boots, hoodies and NC Stizzle tailgatin.  

Come onnnnnn!!

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