23 August 2011

I'm tired and ain't really done nothin

Man. I am tired. And I didn't even work today. But - I felt like bloggin.

So, today's gonna be one of those random, all-about-how-wonderful-my-life-is posts - talk to Raven about those. :)

I woke up to the sound of Hazel Sue bangin on the garage door a zillion times because I don't hear jack when I'm sleepin, so the door bell ringin........annnnnnnd the phone ringin were uneffective methods of wakin me up. Anyhoo, I finally heard her. 

We later met my mom for lunch. She is ADDICTED to a certain lil lunch time tasty-treat. I mean addicted like, EVERY SINGLE DAY. When we went to Texas, dude asked here where she had been when we got back. She prolly should have warned him ahead of time so he didn't think she quit her job or somethin worse. : 

This is what I always get - minus the pita points - no bread for gluten-free Beefy.


Then, Hazel and I drove ALL OVER WAKE COUNTY - on a mission to find her some cowboy boots. She needs some for the Jason Aldean Concert. YIPPEY!!! 

We did find a magical wonderland:

In the long run, Hazel did not buy any boots ... she is still on the prowl. Three more weeeeeeks!

I picked up these two tidbits while I was out (and I didn't pay for em - thank you gift cards! Love when that happens!) 

The belt is one of those right-beneath-your-boobage belts (juuuust in case you were DYING to know). I'm sure I'm showing them in their best light on this wood grain.

Oh, apparently, there was also an earthquake felt in Wake County. We didn't feel a thing. But we were in route, so maybe that's why. Or, I'm totally nonobservant and just failed to be aware. 

I'm so friggin tired. But guess what I'm doing tomorrow?!

Goin to see this - FINALLY! 

I read the book last summer and COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. I've read a zillion blog reviews about the movie and from what I hear, it's actually pretty good, even considering the book was phenomenal. Can't wait!!!! 

And how much do I LOVE Emma Stone anyway? Just IMAGINE if Skeeter had a blog - an anonymous one back in the day. Whoo-wheee!

The best part is I get to go with these two snuggle pies! 

You can visit with Amber here.

And this is ma Sister in Diabetes that I was talkin about before.

Now, I gotta run because I got two baby cokes in the freezer so I can enjoy my Rachel Gibson book without falling asleep at 8:15 and as a result, wakin back up and bein up half the night. 

Have a wonderful Hump Day tomorrow!


Diana said...

well...all's I got to say is...your nothingness is exhausting ;)

Praytell, what would shug do for an encore :)

Tracy said...

Love me some Zoe's!
Greek salad. Yum