21 August 2011

What a Fabtabulous Weekend!

Well, friends, remember yesterday, I was sayin how I went to the Most Magical Place on Earth aka The Raleighwood Flea Market? Well, I went all by maself, and got some super tasty treasures. Before I unveil, I wanted to show you how I finally did some work on this baby from this post wayyyy back:

I am a sucker for "state" stuff, especially my home state (NC represent!) or a souvie from a state I visit, hence my TX schwag.

Anyhooz, me and the bro decided to sand this beast down because I don't like shiny natural wood color = gross. I want it to be REDDDD and then a little distressed lookin. 

Bro gettin the pegs out.

Yes - I did do some work. With sand paper. Because bro thought it would be funny to watch me sand for 45 mins. before showin me the ELECTRIC sander. Thanks. xo

Sanding remnants:

After an hour of sandin WITH the electric sander. Sheww!!


More on that in another post.


Yesterday's flea market magiiiiiic: 

I love drawers. (Hehe.) Anything with compartments, sections that hold trinkets.

THIS gizmo was a RETRO hair dryer. Bought this for ma meemaw, Hazel, who used to be a beautician herself, yes indeedy - and she loves junkin as much as I do. I think that's where I get it from because NOBODY else in my family gives a flip about a flea market.

Here is Hazel Sue now ...

Totally obsessed with blue Ball jars too - but still fighting the urge to buy some because I know they will hopefully not be too hard to find at any given time.

I may or may not have purchased that rocking horse because I have a weird addiction to vintage toys. Nope, no kids. Nope, none on the way. Just love the toys. Thanks for asking.

I'm a sucker for quilts no matter how many I have - but I didn't buy this one.
Herrrre, piggy, piggy!!

How fun would these be in a lake or beach house? Or, in any old house ... I think your house should feel like a haven - where you're surrounded by things and people that make you smile and feel snuggly inside.

Chicken crate, anyone? Would be fun hangin on a wall, filled with purdy stuff. My meemaw used to have one of these hangin on her wall, too. Her house looks like a museum. I should do a blog post about that one day ...

I was so drawn to this. It's a 1951 highway map of NC (no highway 40!) ... I thought the hubs might like it too (as much as he could like any of my "junk" that I bring home). I couldn't resist it.

I pretended to be taking a pic of the chandeliers, but really I just wanted to capture a glimpse of the magical shug pie vendors at the Raleigh Flea Market.

Super cool for a kid's room or for a collector.

I also might've accidentally purchased this awesome old spinning top and this 1949 Playskool Parking Garage. Whoops. Don't tell Anj.

Also bought this precious vintage apron. Had a couple stains, but I plan to cut it up and use it for fabric for other creations.

 These next few are pics from the inside of the flea market ... I don't really love the inside, it's mostly new stuff, but I do ADORE this booth.


My Sunday started off magically, because my sweet Mama made me (and everyone else, I guess ;) ) some of these:

Then, off I went to Hope Community Church - the most magical, non-stuffy, everybody's welcome, preacher ain't fake church on earth. If you live in Wake Co. and you're lookin for a church. Get on this Hope train!

How fabulous is a church that plays Nickelback songs (If Today Was Your Last Day) and performs on a stage look like somethin from Austin City Limits?

What a fab stage prop! "Unpacking Hope"

And, I get to wear my red boots and it is TOTALLY OKAY!

Check out the Welcome Message from Pastor Mike :)

After my I-feel-awesome-I'm-so-glad-I-went-to-church experience, I hit up this deliciousness from Wendy's:

1/2 lb. cheeseburger and fries not healthy, you say? Well, at least the beef is comin wit da freshness. ;)

and no, I didn't "cheat" on my no-gluten diet! I took the buns off!

Umm, Yummy!

Oh, I almost forgot, my girl Lauren from TX sent me this pic in a text this mornin ... from her September issue of Southern Living ...

Tried to find a better pic online, but failed. Anyhoo, clearly girlfriend on the left knows that red boots - precisely like my TX purchase/aka my church-goin shoes -  are where it's at. Please believe I WILL be sportin my new loves to the NC Stizzle games!

Now ... I HAVE to clean up the tornado that came through here.

Until next time,



Diana said...

Love It! What I wouldn't give to have a Flea Market here! I miss that somethin' awful!

Diana said...

...and i'm glad to see you also kept the pickles. Seems like pickles are so forgotten these days among hummus and goat cheese ;)

Ashley said...

I am ready to have a repeat of that tailgate sesh this fall!! And totally ironic that you go to Hope!! JJ, Teran, & team Franklin introduced me to that place & I still miss going. That church speaks volumes & always had me wanting to go back for more. One more thing, I also have an obsession with blue mason jars :)