19 August 2011

Lawd, We Done Died & Gone to TX! pt. 2

{You can find pt. 1 here.}

Once upon a time, in the magical land of Texas, Beef, Anj and Lauren went on an adventure.


For like four hours. 

My hubs is a trooper! Thank you, Anj! (I am the luckiest woman alive). Bless his heart. I miss my Lauren Pie terribly. We have so much in common - two things being the love of junk and cowboy boots. 
Clearly, one of my missions in Texas was to come home with a fresh pair of boots. Also, I knew I would just die if I didn't get to hit a bunch of junk/antique stores while in the T-land.

Lauren is so awesome - she hooked a sister up with the opportunity to experience both. 

Here's some pics of ma treasures.

I think it's fabulous that there are regular tags, truck tags, and farm truck tags. And ... BONUS ... this tag has an August sticker. Perfect souvie!

I'm totally gonna make a pillow out of this. (Right now I just stuffed a throw pillow in there for photo purposes). Did y'all know the Junk Gypsies used to be in College Station? No - I did not have time to stop and visit those shugs, maybe next time.

One pit stop included the purchase of these delicious baby pies.: 

Lauren said, "Now, don't get excited, but I saw a commercial for 10% off at Cavender's on select boots, and I think I saw a red pair included." Ma girl knows how to look out for a sister.
The ones on the right are my new bay-bays. The ones one the left are my mama's first pair of boots. For some people, "a" pair of cowboys boots is it. Get a pair, mission accomplished. For others, it is like an art form/addiction. (Me). Ahh... I remember my first pair - swervin through four lanes of traffic to hit an exit ramp when I saw the red Justin boot sign in Asheville. SIL got some cray-cray magical drivin skills.

The smell of the leather when you walk in hits you in the face. When I was little, my granddaddy kept all his wallets in a bathroom drawer. Who knows why. He'd get a new one and just throw the old one in the drawer with the rest of em. I may or may not have snuck into the bathroom on a regular basis when nobody was around, opened the drawer and took a giant inhale every chance I got. Maybe he is to blame for my boot addiction?

Anyhizzle -

movin on ... since the hubs was SUCH a good sport, we had playtime with the boys later that night with a little skeet shootin on the other side of the road from the cabin, behind Anna & Bill's house.

As we were gettin out of the truck, and unloadin our stuff, guess what I found?

Ain't nobody EVEN REMEMBER horses on that land - not since there was an old school house on the property a gazillion years ago!

Then, I saw this:

And you know this! I shooooow did! Found two of 'em! = Fabulous good luck? Hope so.

Here we are in action:

I am a bad friend and didn't get a shot of Lauren shootin. :( But she does this kinda $*** all the time, because she is a bad @$$.

 While I am busy posin' with the cows. Aren't they soooo precious? 

Dear God, if it is your will for Anj and I to live on a farm/ranch with cows and goats and a garden and some dogs and some guns and cowboy boots makin pickles and tomato juice, we won't whine. 
Love, Beefy

When, we were done, we headed back up to Bull & Anna's house...on the way, there was a GIANT crate like 3.5x3.5 ft. fullllllll of these.

I sho did take these back with me to NC. 

Don't you worry your pretty little head, I'm gonna do somethin straight mag with them. 

I'm feelin so inspired that I think I'll wake up early to go eat breakfast with Big T and then head to the Raleigh Flea Market - aka the most awesome friggin place on earth for a junk addict.

I have blogged about this magic before here. Y'all cross your fingers and hope I find lotsa somethin yummmmmmmy tomorrow that doesn't cost a lot of moneyyyyyyy. Luckily, I will have to be cut off by 10:30 because I gotta gets my hair did at 11.

PS - I'm really excited about the Pistol Annies. Y'all KNOW I love some Miranda! Their album comes out August 23rd! 

Happy Weekend, y'all!

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Lauren Crawford said...

I loooove this post! I had the bet time with you and CAN'T WAIT til you come back to "the promised land!" ;)