02 August 2011

Was This Fo Realz?

My mama was right when she said in her email that this was good blog material.





Please - let me JUST CLARIFY - that this, is not, in fact, an endorsement.

Okay, now, check this mess out, it's everything you need to:

{ 1 - Choose & Be the Perfect Catch } 

{ 2 - Develop a Healthy Body Image }

 { 3 - Become World's Greatest Mother }

 Could the ad below explain my fondness of Caffeine-Free Coca-cola?? After all, it "Boosts Personality" and "Promotes Active Lifestyle"

{ 4 - Cure What Ails Ya }

all via

So, dear readers, I ask you, if that is where we came from, and we thought we knew it all then, HOW can we be sure that we have any idea what we are talkin about now? 

Just an observation.


Tracy said...

I like the dr smoking the Camels. LOL.
Tracy Cooper

christi @ burlap and basil said...

the smokin camels is hilarious!