18 September 2011

Gyahh Lee

I feel like I been rode hard and put up wet, y'all.

I got up at 5:30 yesterday - on a Saturday sat through five hours of testing. Bleck. One chick's test booklet ended in 666. Dude - if I was her, I would not be able to go on. I would have had to fill out the little test cancellation paper because y'all know that thing was doomed. Poor thing. Then, I hopped in the car and drove raced about an hour out of town for a wedding. I had enough time, until I went on a Quizno's mission. All I could think about was some broccoli cheese soup. Do you know how stupid it is to put a restaurant on a highway sign, then you pull off the exit and that shiz is SIX MILES away?! Are they serious with that mess? I was so irritated.
So I ended up at Panera, where duh there was a mega long line. I didn't care. 
Anyhoo, made it to the weddin. Had me a right nice time. 
Congrats, Frank & Liz!
Got up, drove back this mornin, after eatin at Your House where the cook totally looked like Snoop. He was clearly the glue holdin the place together. He told Debbie the waitress, "Don't brang me anotha ticket back heah lookin like dis." Her handwritin was whack and she clearly didn't know how to write short hand.
But I will tell you this. My omelet was off the chain. You know how they always have limp, floppy bacon in omelets = sick. Well, not this time! Homeboy hooked it up! Nice, crispy bacon, good tomatoes and flavorful onions all up on my flavor palate.

That's the way to start the day, my friends. 

I wanted to get a picture, but I thought he might get pissed. Sorry.
I'm goin to take a nap.

Peace out.


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