19 September 2011

Coping with Writer's Block

My Brain in ABC Order

A - Applesauce, Andrew, AOL sucks
B - Butter, Brody, beach, boots
C- Cornhole, Chapped Lips
D - Diet Coke, Diet Mt. Dew, Deviled Eggs
E -
F - Fat Dog, Frito Pie, French Fries, Frosty, Football, Fall, Flea Market
G - Goat Cheese
H - Hell on Heels, Hashbrowns, Hoodies
I - Idiots, Irritating
J - Job, Jeans
K -
L - Lazy, Lip Gloss
M - Mayonnaise, microchip
N - New Hairs ( kiss my tail, gluten!)
O - Optimism, obbbbbviously
P - Proximity, Posture
Q - Q says "kw"
R - Ridic
S - State Fair, Slobbery Ball, Snarky
T - toes (Lord knows I need to paint mine), tests, tailgate
U - uber excited
V - voluptuous, vinegar, vacation
W - Wolfpack, werewolves
X - X says "kssss"
Y - Your House
Z - zebra print danskos

I couldn't think of anything for E or K. Today was Monday fo sho, so glad those tests are over. However, if I failed them, I will be revisiting them in November. I can't think right now because all I can hear is Brody chewing a rubber ball, sounds like he's poppin his teeth out of his gums. 

Now that we here in NC, have had the fall tease, I am sad that the 80 degree temps are comin back. BUT - thankful to the Lord for safe weather of any kind. Brang it on!
Raise your hand if you had Frito Pie for supper tonight. We did.

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Tracy said...

Frito Pie was good & easy to make.