26 September 2011

I take it back

What comes to mind when you see these?

My thoughts:

*what the deuce
*are those bedroom shoes?
*what are they even made out of?
*Chapel Hill

Then - I realized that these people give a pair of shoes to a kid in need with every pair of Tom's sold.

My thoughts:

*that's nice, but they're still hideous

Then - about three years past the "trend" when these are probably about to be the last thing anyone wants to own and people start donating them to Goodwill, I see these:

Somehow, things look more delicious in red, don't they? This is just like how I made fun of Dansko clogs for like 5 years, then, when I got tired of my back hurtin from bein on my feet all day, I tried some on. Ahhh ... can't wait for fall.

Bonus - my husband thinks Danskos and Toms are super hot.

No, he doesn't. But he likes for my back not to hurt because that means less whining.

Maybe I will ask Santa for some red Toms?

Please let me extend my apologies to fellow Toms owners for my thoughtless nay-saying.



Anonymous said...

I don't really like them either. But if someone bought me a pair, I might wear them to walk the dog or run a few errands.
They aren't cute at all.....however, in red they are cuter.
But I bet at the end of a long day they feel really good. :)

Tracy said...

Beth, I think a family member of ours owns some of those.

Ashley said...

I agree, a thrift store can make anything look good

Anonymous said...

I don't care what kind of organizational philosophy goes behind it, they are overpriced and they look TERRIBLE.