27 September 2011

A few things ...

Today I gave in and had this:

It was worth it. Fluffy and whipped creamy and pumpkin spicy delicousness - makes me look forward to Thanksgiving and scarves and boots and sweaters. Mmmmm! Although the website said 50g of carbs for a Grande - I'm a little doubtful - my blood sugar was low ALL DAY LONG AFTER THAT.


This little fella here went to Pet Smart and got him's Rabies vaccine up to date (check out the new collar bling) and heart worms? Negative! Love my Brody Boo Boo! Look at those handsome toofies. (Y'all are probably gagging like I do when I read one too many posts about somebody's kids).

I love this place and Pastor Mike. It's a really big deal for me to say I feel comfortable at a church. I like that they reach out to people who need it and don't treat church like an exclusive club of people who are already members.
 If you live in the Raleigh area and are looking for a church, I highly recommend!


I'm about to spend most of three weeks with my husband! I am so dang excited!

I almost posted the most crab-tastic post ever. But, after my little church meeting tonight, I am inspired to think positive and trust God's plans and God's timing. He clearly demonstrated that he hears me after bringin me little Brody Boo Boo. 

Y'all have a fabulous Tuesday night!


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