25 September 2011

Love - for only $4

 I have decided - I don't have to explain myself.

My obsession doesn't hurt anyone.

I tell my husband all the time, he should be glad I'm not compulsively ordering overly-priced $h!t trendy "Omg, I'm lusting after this $700-fill-in-the-blank" online, inspired by someone's OOTD. Sorry, did that sound snarky?

Movin on ...

How precious is this? I saw it and loved it. 

Y'all know I love just about anything vintage -bonus if it's feminine but not pink.

and I love red with white and blue with white - this was a little bit of it all ...

I love the pearl buttons ...

and the ric rac ...

You may be thinkin, What in the world is she gonna do with that thang?

Well - don't worry your pretty little head - I have a response prepared - I have to be prepared because my dear sweet husband always wonders that very same thing (although he doesn't actually ask anymore because he knows I will light into him about my love affair for magical junk finds).

I will display it in my kitchen (yes - my very own real kitchen) - and, thanks to Boegerlicious, I think I will frame it. I have a thing for vintage fabrics but I don't actually want to use them for fear of messing them up and making them look less magical.

So yep - I am happy.

And for only $4!


1 comment:

Tracy said...

And when it's not hanging on the wall, you can wear it in the garden.