22 September 2011

Man, that was tasty!

Today, I've had:

*turkey with some cheddar
*some goat cheese
*potatoes and peas
*caffeine free diet coke
*mini bag of popcorn
*lots of buffalo wing flavored chips
*a bite two giant chomps of my brother's leftover Mexican
*3 spoonfuls of peanut butter
*fried chicken sandwich from Wendy's without the bread
* a small frosty
*more peanut butter
*dark chocolate and peanuts (alternating bites)
*egg, cheese and bologna off an egg, cheese and bologna sandwich

I just couldn't find that special something that my tummy was wanting until this:

I may start eating these everyday for breakfast. They are made out of real fruit chunks after all. 

Yum! And 19 grams of carbs. Yeah, totally soundin like breakfast to me.

One gripe:

Whattup with this nub of a popsicle stick? This one just got dipped the wrong way or somethin. My hand was crampin from havin to hold it like that.

It was still worth it.

And guess what else?!

Tomorrow's Friday.



1 comment:

Tracy said...

That picture is so funny of you trying to hold that tiny stick. LOL.