20 September 2011

6.8 Baby! Who's ya Mama?

You know what one of the best feelings ever is? 


Well, I'll tell you. 

One of the best feelings ever is when:
*checking your blood ~7x/day
*adjusting pump settings accordingly
*changing pump sites every three days
*trouble shooting pump errors
*inserting a sensor every 6 days
*trouble shooting sensor errors
*feeling the pump and sensor lump in your belly/butt/side when you sleep at night
*$ out the yin yang for pump supplies, meter supplies, insulin and dr. visits
*having unsightly lumps/bruises/red marks in your belly/back/butt from the pump and sensor
*waking up in the middle of the night with low blood sugars but using that data to adjust pump settings
*feeling nauseous, dehydrated and generally like shiz from high blood sugars
*having people stare at you and wonder what you're doing with a "pager" that makes beeping noises all day
*taking extra time in security at the airport to explain all of said medical madness
*giving up all products containing flour of any sort and beer

all add up to: 
Big ups to:
 who I know, is ultimately in control, and who lead me to Dr. Holt
 greatest endocrinologist ever, 
and Jennifer Spain
 greatest acupuncturist ever.
Gracias to my family and hubs too for always being so encouraging and supportive!
Thanks y'all! 

I'm tryin to tell y'all that ain't nothin like this happened to Shug in Boots since she was like 10 before any sort of hormonal madness happened and gluten reallllly started to wreak havoc apparently ... plus all those times as a teen when I just did not EVEN care. Anyway, point is - this ain't happened in FO-EVAAAAAA!!!!

Groundbreakin, suga bees!!!

I was surprised to learn that it's pretty common for Type I's to have gluten allergies. Giving up gluten has changed my liiiiiiiiife, y'all! Totally blown away. 

If you are afflicted with the dia-bee-tus, or know someone who is - these are the main things that I've found to be awesome:

1) try not to eat more than 30g carbs at one sitting
2) drink lots of water (and if you can't help yourself, at least avoid caffeine)
3) NatureMade vitamin diabetes vitamin packs Just look how awesome this chick's life is as a result:

4) take an omega-3 supplement
5) and for me, eliminating gluten made my blood sugars much easier to manage, got rid of back pain in the kidney area that I've had for YEARS, got rid of unexplained knee pain I've had for YEARS (I used to not be able to even bend that guy, now - bend away!), hormone regulation, MY HAIR QUIT FALLING OUT AND NEW HAIR IS GROWING IN ITS PLACE!!!, annnnd, I don't get up to pee 3 times a night. Matter of fact - I don't get up at alllll!!!! 

Can y'all believe that?!?!



Diana said...

shawna says all the time that you amaze her. I can see why :)

Congratulations! It's like a new lease on life..yeah!?!

Sometime in the future you may be interested to know that diabetes keeps coming up over and over again in my aloe research! Studies prove it to be an awesome blood sugar regulator! It's benefits have greatly changed how I feel, too! I am really happy for you!


Tracy said...

So proud of you!
Gluten- free has made a big difference with me as well. I reccommend it for everyone.