05 September 2011

Rock Me Mama Like a Wagonwheel

Well, friends, I attended the first NC State game of the season. It was magical. I am ready for the next game like right now. 

One of my favorite things about the games is that they always play this song on the way out of the stadium after the game is over. Please listen for proper effect.

At the NC Stizzle, we are only allowed to tailgate five hours prior. Because, they are afraid we will have too much fun and get carried away and come back with guns and shoot people like that one time. True Story. #Some Ppl R Stupid & We All Pay

Well, we were the first ones at our lot. The po-po's however, decided it would be a cool time to ohhh.... basically just sit there and do nothing until TEN AFTER ONE! WTH? Check out previously stated explanation about how we don't have all day!!! Moooooooove! Stop harrassing people who are OF AGE with red and white special edition NC Stizzle brew. Geez!

I mean, is he on the phone with his wife or what? And really? What are ANY OF YOU DOING? Mooooooooove!!!!!

I needed a minute to calm down in the shade afterward. No, I did not wear the red boots because hubs thinks its the anti-christ to wear anything other than a red shirt. Well, my red shirt didn't match my red boots. I decided ... that I may go the sorostitute route and put together "an outfit" if it means I can wear my red boots. It's not that I don't appreciate a "tailgate dress", but when you have an insulin pump, you have to get creative and take into account where you are going to put your insulin pump, and still be able to get to it when you need it without liftin your skirt in public, mmmmk?

Some people had worse problems than not havin their red boots on ...

Sneaky ditch. And, errrrbody was starin. Poor things.

I LOVE so many things about the games.
1) I understand football now - minus the details about penalties.
2) I love to see people's red/white/black outfits.
3) Cowboy boots
4) I looooooove STATE! I miss it so badly. Help me think of  a legit reason to go back to school.
5) Tailgating.
6) The players' excitement when they do somethin good. Aren't they like lil kids?
7) The music that plays when the players come out or during time outs.
8) The Apache song.
9) The NC State fight song.
10) The wolf howling after a touchdown and the loud exploding cannon that goes with it.
11) People dressing/brainwashing their kids to love State from birth.
12) This could go on forever and take over the whole post. I have to stop.

Red and White all in the stands is like a natural high for me. Just gets me GOIN, y'all!!

We are also really classy at State as evidenced by the photo below - this is in all the bathroom stalls. Have no fear - this is SO not a problem anymore because liquor is not allowed during tailgating and certainly not in the stadium.

I love #winning.

The photo quality below sucks because it was taken with my phone. But I also loooove the statue of the pack of wolves on the hill. I liked how you could see the moon on the left and the wolf on the lower right. I know, I totally possess that photographer's eye, right?

What, you think it sucks? Movin' along ...

On the way out, there are po-po's disguised as regular cars like Sylvia - to regulate the peace ... and make the frats take sooooome responsibility for cleaning up the DISASTER of a mess they leave behind.

Fraternities have cool stuff like this red and white uhhh.......thing.

Anyway, I am excited for next game already. I hope all y'all other football goin blogger friends out there blogged about opening weekend because I love me some college football season. Unless you are one team in particular. I won't mention any names.

Hope everybody had a fabtabulous Labor Day weekend!


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Tracy said...

Is taht a trailer?
Did they come straight from the tobacco field??