12 October 2011

Brody and Friends

One way to survive sitting through training for over six hours - peeking at this widdle guy under the table the whole time:

Meet Abner -

One of the ladies in our group helps raise guide dogs from puppies - then she turns them back in to the agency when they are around a year old so that they can be trained to more closely match their partner's needs - blindness, seizures, etc. Abner will be a year old today! Then, she will have to turn him back in. devastating  But - she attends the dog's graduation, where he has learned how to best care for his partner, and she gets to meet the person the dog will be helping. How rewarding!

I don't have any special needs that Brody helps me with, but he sure lights up my life on a daily  basis. He makes sad days happier, and helps me remember not to sweat the small stuff - there's more to life than worrying about things we can't control. 

This is Brody's, "I just brought you the ball back. Will you throw it again?! Huh? Huh?! Huh?!? Please!!??"  
Just look at that face:

Here he is looming over me after I'm awake, but not ready to get out of bed.
"Are you gonna get up?! Huh? Can we play ball now?! Do you want me to lick your face? How bout if I lay on your chest so you can hardly breathe? Want me to put my paws all in your hair? Huh? Whatcha wanna play?"

Then, he hangs out with me while I fix my hair and put my make up on.

And anytime I am blogging, this is pretty much what's going on right beside my feet:

Love him so much. 

Get a dog.


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