13 October 2011

Awkward -n- Awesome


Having your pump go, "DOOO DOOOO DOOOOO!!" in the middle of a day-long training where they just specifically told us to turn our phones off. Then having the instructor glare you down. At which point I looked at the girl, like, "It's a medical device. I'm diabetic." Step to dis, shug!! Then she feels stupid for givin you the evil eye. 

We used to think we were the SHIZ in highschool if you had a pager. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I didn't realize just how whack this was until my husband was like, "What, y'all had pagers? What did you do with them?" Dude, there was a whole pager language, where you had to decipher messages from numbers. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Apparently in other towns, only drug dealers had pagers? 
I know some of you reading know what that means. Don't lie. ;)

Driving along, and the state trooper moves over into the fast lane, but he won't go fast. So, both lanes of traffic are just lingering behind/beside him. Then, as soon as he moves into a turning lane, burnin the road up!

Having your mom help you yank off your new, not-broken-in cowboy boots at the Austin airport because you don't want to hold people up, only to get up to the TSA people who say, "Next time, please leave your shoes on until you reach the front of the line. We have boot jacks in Austin."
Oh. Okay. Thanks.


Marrying a man who makes this heavenly concoction also known as chili (with cornbread with NO GLUTEN!!) :

Thinking we were out of sour cream, then realizing we aren't, then having this for breakfast while watching the Today show. BAM!

FINALLY deciphering the cyclical shiz my body does with my blood sugars every month so I can somewhat get that mess under control.

New hair (even if it grows in as a baby 'hawk)! Screw you, gluten! 

Whip. Spray whip. And lots of it - in the convenience of my own home.

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Happy Thursday Lovas!!


Denise Pacurar said...

LOVE these posts!!!! The awkward parts alwasy make me laugh and the awesome parts always make me smile!!
xoxo Denise (your newest follower!)


PS: I will be posting a vintage jewelry giveaway on my blog on Sunday! Check back and enter to win :)

April said...

Haaahaaa. Love it! My most favorite is the NC State jar, though. ;)