04 October 2011

Isn't it funny what a song can do?

Maybe this sounds weird, but I swear, every time I hear this song ... it's like time stops for a second and I am  transported somewhere else.

Kenny Chesney - Somewhere with You
(here it is below - song only - no video)

As soon as the beginning notes start, this is where I go:

Summer (just when I'm all excited for fall)

early twenties


tan girl

tan boy

NC State

painted toes


car ride, with windows down, late night

hangin out with crush - but none of your mutual friends know 
(Ash Manning, do you remember when Ryan totally spilled the beans at your party because he got nosy and snooped my purse for my ID that night I made the fried chicken? And then, all hell broke loose ... )

Lord Berk

Western Bully

Bathing Suits

secret text messages

Tank Tops

Lip Gloss

beach trip down 40 - Ash Manning = instigator

Cookin on the Grill late at night

Sand colored Chevy Silverado with exhaust ... mmmm

Bud heavy



random glimmer of our honeymoon in Puerto Rico

annnyhooo ...
what's super weird - this song hadn't eeeeven begun to be thought of when I was in college fallin for some Andrew Davis

but I still enjoy going through all this in my head every time I hear it ;)

and what I wouldn't give to go back ... just one day week month - a college summer at Lord Berk/Ivy Chase

ps - I have listened to the song 5 6  23 times while writing this post

*if you don't know me personally then this is THE MOST random post ever

thanks for stickin around anyway

Do YOU have a "special" song that takes you to a "special" place? Hmmm? Do tell. I need to know.

PPS - If y'all never hear from me again, it is because I embarrassed Anj and he made me quit bloggin




Tracy said...

The song is "Swingtown".
Beach sounds in the background.
14 y.o. & full of romance.

Ashley said...

Sorry I'm just getting around to commenting, I promise I read this post as soon as I got the text. And you're welcome for my crazy thoughts when I hear this song!!! Hahaha. Life was a blast in college with you & I'm so glad we can reminisce together!! I would also like to relive those days for a very short period of time, ohhhh the fun random memories that were made!! xoxo