03 October 2011

Reasons I'm So Flippin Stoked for Fall

To me, fall is like floating - it just feels magical - as soon as I wake up and realize it's cold, I'm all giddy. Yippey skippey! Here are just a few reasons why I LOVE cooooool weather!

Seasonal flavored coffees! Yessss!! $9.50/bag is better than $4.50/cup at Starbuck's, no? And I can drink it in the privacy of my own hizzle where it's okay if my hair is standing scraight up. Add some whipped cream - heaven.

Secondly, I'm pretty obsessed with these two ladies' blogs:

Jentine, at My Edit - y'all know I HATE OOTD's - but I realized, it's not the OOTD's - it's chicks who spend $200 on each piece and assume that the rest of the world can afford that ish too. Anyhoo, you KNOW I love some thrifting - and these ladies thrift half of what they own. Umm, LOVE that!

and here's Ms. Sydney, from The Daybook ...

*photos are from myedit and the daybook

Aren't they so lovely? And no urge to hit the red ex or vomit when reading their posts. Check them out for hours of inspiration. Shoot, after I finish my DD Mocha Mint coffee, I'm takin it right on over to Goodwill maself. I feel like I have all these creative ideas for clothes and I actually BUY them, but then they hang in my closet because I feel silly wearing them. How stupid is that? My Fall 2011 goal is to get up the kahunas to wear what I wanna wear. Take a risk. Starting ... tomorrow ... or maybe today ... we will see. 

Happy Monday snuggle bugs!

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Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...

I love both of them. You are right about expensive clothes,not all of us can afford them.Thanks God for thrifted stores :)