05 October 2011

Dia-bee-tus Barbie

Do you have ANY I-DEA what all would come with girlfrand?
Last night, I was changing my sensor site, not to be confused with my pump site, and all these gizmos have their own inserters and chargers and doo-flatchies. Hubs was like, "Damn, you have so many ... accessories."

And the idea was born ...
here is hubs' thought process:

But I told him, I'd just have to do it my way because they don't have diabetic supplies readily available in Polyvore.
Just picture it. Christmas morning, and you open your very own Dia-bee-tus Barbie.

Here's just a few of the magical accessories you will find in the shiny plastic case lovely floral compartmentalized tote that comes with, as she would need these items on the daily. 
Dia-bee-tus Barbie has been nice enough to explain each of the said items below:

and finally, somethin to carry all this mess in:

 The following are not included:

*batteries - for meter, sensor, pump
*syringes - in case your pump dies one day because it absorbed too much sweat. true story.
*ketostix - who checks ketones?
*antibiotic skin cream - from all the pump and sensor site irritation
*glucagon - in case you're so low you go unconscious

 I hope Dia-bee-tus Barbie knows she gonna have to find somewhere creative to put her pump in that dress.


In other news, I guest posted over at my girl's blog Life on the Rox ... topic: friendship -  My very first time ever! (Maybe my last, but hopefully not, ha!)
Happy Hump Day!


Amber said...

I hope Dia-Bee-tus (?) Barbie is wearing some super tight panties to hold all them accessories. I have seen too many of my pump-functioning friends struggle in this area. XOXO love how all them hoes are wearing black. Looks like an Meredith College baccalaureate party.

Tracy said...

You amaze me in how you do all that you do regarding your diabetes. I would have given up long ago & just sat down & drank some beer.

Allison said...

I love this Beth, you are hilarious... I think only you can make me laugh about all my di-a-beet-us stuff! (I also have to keep a snack and juice box in the pocket book at all times...then you add your kids snacks, diapers, wipes etc...and you have to have a duffel bag) BTW -this Barbie puts her pump in the bra! Thanks for the laugh!

Ashley said...

You are such an inspiration for anyone dealing with Diabetes. I admire you so much & I also loveee the guest post on friendship!!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Hahahahaha!!! Yes that would be awesome and hilarious!