15 October 2011

Oh How I Love Thee ...

Just let me count the ways y'all -

Today, as I was eating my taco salad, I was thinkin about how it is the best blamed taco meat I have eva had. Because my husband is the shiz in the kitchen and everywhere else. I don't know what he does to season it. But, it will make you wanna smack somebody. Hard. I am also madly in love with his bomb omelets and chili. He knew how much I love to eat when we met - with our nightly dinners, and a standard second supper Cook Out run around 11pm. 

Anyhoo ... 

My husband is the bomb and I just wanted to tell the world how magically fantastic he is.

1) homeboy got mad omelet, chili and taco meat skillz among others which I will surely be reminded of far more frequently than I deserve.

2) he supports tolerates my blog addiction and the time it sucks out of my our life, including my need to take random pics when we go basically everywhere. This includes but is not limited to asking random people to take pics with me/us or being a sweet little prop so I can sneak other more interesting background happenings in without being noticed. Hopefully.

3) he is Mr. Budget.com I HATE DEALIN WITH MONEY MATTERS and I am so grateful that he takes care of that for us, and I just comply to the boundaries.

4) He grocery shops. And he likes it that way.

5) He supports my love of country and rap - neither of which he loves a whole whole lot - although there are some exceptions - see #19. Meanwhile, I gripe and whine about the shiz he listens to on Indie Rock stations on Sirius.

6)  He thinks I'm hot even with the gadgets that attach to my body and beep and holler throughout the day and all hours of the night.

7) He thinks my um, He likes the way I am shaped.

8) He's not jealous, and doesn't harass my phone a zillion times while I am away from him. IF YOU ARE SOMEONE WHO DOES THIS - GUY OR GIRL - QUIT TRIPPIN AND GAIN SOME SELF RESPECT.

9) He SHOW IZ easy on the eyes.

10) He thinks I'm funny. 

11) I think he's funny.

12) We love NC Stizzle tailgatin. Whaaat?!?
I'm still workin on helping him understand the necessity of purchases of bomb NC State clothing and tailgating items.

13) He irons. Yuck. I hate doin that too.

14) He's generally go-with-the-flow. 
Thank you Lord that I ain't married to a man who whines about married couple obligatory stuff and events.

15) Slice can fix all kindsa gizmo mess that I would just throw in the trash.

16) He keeps in touch with his friends, and is there when they need him.

17) He lets me sleep with the fan on even though he totally hates doesn't prefer it. Including traveling with the fan for hotel stays.

18) He thinks stuff like Teen Wolf, the original, is hilarious.

19) He lets me know what I been missin, like, Butta, by Cool Breeze.

20) He shares my love of bacon on any and everything possible.

21) He loves Jesus.

22) He rocks red Adidas track pants with white stripes down the side. Got the matchin jacket too.

23) He is such an awesome fan that he gets up in front of the TV, pulling out his own hair to yell encourage the players on screen.

You like our technology cluster on top, don't you?

24) He lets me drag him to antique shops, thrift stores and flea markets with minimal complaint.

25) He doesn't mind when Brody tries to snuggle his armpit and put his wet nose on him while he is drivin.

26) He looks real tasty in white T-shirts and he lets me snuggle him real close on the couch when he's wearin em.

27) He gave me a Rubix cube for Christmas.

28) I gotta go because I'm writin this on Friday afternoon and it's 3:30 and I haven't showered or vacuumed or done the laundry I put in the dryer. And I need to go to the grocery store. And I don't wanna blog this in front of Anj, clearly. Since I like him so much, I'd like to not look haggard when he gets home like I did when he came home for lunch.

Girls, if you got a good man at home, give him a hug and a widdle squeeze and tell him how special he is!




Denise Pacurar said...

Hi Hun!

This is such a sweet post! your husband sounds like a sweetheart!! This is a great reminder to appreciate our husbands! I'm gonna go give mine a hug now ;)

xoxo Denise


Ashley said...

I'm so glad you two are a wonderful couple. I couldn't be more proud!!