18 October 2011

Omigyahh, EMbarrassin!

Middle School. What a trip down suppressed memory lane. 
Picture it: 
Lynchurg, VA, 1995

Girl moves from small, rural NC town to significantly larger city in VA, where they DON'T talk like her

Hell, they don't even eat the same foods she does

Or listen to the same music

super cool Lynchburg kids enjoy making fun of small town country bunkin and the way she talks
(Richard, are you out there?? Remember how you thought Guns N Roses was the greatest thing to hit Earth?)

girl feels shy, miserable even

everybody OBSESSIVELY says, "Embarrassin!" about every other ten seconds, hence it's appearance in this post title.

she gets the eff over it and tells them to kiss her ass and begins to roll with her own posse with whom she throws bomb 70's themed party, and shops at DAV and The Record Exchange

Also, she discovered a treasure called Weenie Stand, that sold yummy hot dogs and stew ... nothing like food to make you feel better, eh?

So here you go folks,
 tidbits from my version of the middle school era ...

The disgusting shiz that we wore

the wardrobe ...



I did not shop from the dELiA*s mail order catalog, nor did I own these Adidas sandals, but Lord knows everybody else did.


Ahh, the music. 

When I moved to Lynchburg, I was fresh from the sticks of NC and mostly a country music kinda girl, with the exception of Snoop - I totally loved him already.

Enter Allison, Fallon, and bomb rap artists.

yes, that's Biggie's Hypnotize video, and that'd be Jay-Z and Foxy Brown in I'll Be ... go youtube it. You know you want to.

And let's not forget these gems. Right now I'm getting a flash of Heather and me at Amanda's house with 65 million makeup products all over the floor and that pale purple comforter on her twin bed.

One time, Amanda's mama asked me if I thought Smashing Pumpkins was appropriate for Amanda to be listening to. Is this a trick? Why did Smashing Pumpkins break up anyway? Tragic.


I wasn't really obsessed with Silverchair, but my friend Diane LOVED her some Daniel Johns. Therefore, by default, he is one of my middle school memories.


 Amanda (make-up product girl mentioned above) was MADLY in love with Gavin Rossdale. She could pull off a mad Gwen Stefani too. Remember the blue polka dot dress? She had one almost just like it.


My crush?

Mr. Robert Plant. Yessss.


Remember Garbage? You stupid girl. Bowwww bowwwww.


My sister was all about some Mariah Carey - you know, when she had straight bangs and the big curls? 

and, this one song - always takes me back to the pool ...

man, they played it everydayyyyy like 15 times. And I NEVER got tired of it. Still don't.


I really wanted to post genuine old school, man we were so cool pics, but they are in the attic, and that'll have to be for another day. Lynchburg peeps, you're welcome.

Anybody else posted about middle school or some other equally painful turned awesome time in your life? Please let me know about it, PRONTO!

It would make me super happy.

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Jamie said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Funny how styles were the same across the country!