17 October 2011

Diabeetus loves OJ ... A.A.F.

G'day Sugar Lumps!

I hope y'all slept well last night. And all the nights before that in the last week or so because I have not been sleeping, my friends. 

No, I been gettin up every mornin at approximately 2:19 am to have an 'OJ with a side of PB' party in my kitchen.

You see, I have gotten my sensor addicted to this apparently. So now, every night, homegirl starts beeeeeepin and hollerin to get up and play because my blood sugar is low.

*If you are new to these parts and are wonderin, WTH?, you should know, I have the dia-bee-tus.

But, if I ignore her, she starts to vibrate and it sounds like a texting extravaganza goin on beneath the sheets with all the beepin two or three different ways and the vibratin, and then, I begin to dream weird dreams as a result of said strange noises and vibrations, and because my blood sugar is low. I dream of eating food that is gross, like sweaty cheese that's been sitting out on a party tray in the heat a few hours too long.

I try to be sneaky and use the handy feature on my pump where I silence all the alerts. But, this just means that when I finally do wake up, I am so low that I am about half out of my head and trying not to fall down the stairs to the kitchen. 

But I figure, hey, long as I'm up, why not take pics so I can blog about it? Because I just lay there for eva waitin to fall back asleep anyway.


Here is my pump. Bless her sweet little heart. She enjoys beeping, vibrating and delivering insulin to my body since my pancreas said no thanks. Sometimes I like to call her Peggy. She does all the beepin and nonsense because my sensor tells her to. But the sensor is inserted into my fat and I ain't hateful enough to make y'all look at a picture of that.



Why don't I just adjust the insulin so I don't stay low all the time, you might be wondering. Well, I say you are clearly simple minded and don't know very much about diabetes.  If only it were that simple. Hormone fluctuation plays a HUGE role in how my body reacts to insulin, so it's forever changing. And even if it weren't a hormone thing, I can't just be makin adjustments willy nilly. I have to wait and see if there is a pattern to it, over the course of days, or if it was just a fluke - too much insulin at supper, too much activity, not enough carbs with the insulin, etc.

And the best part is, since hormones play a role, when you are a girl, it's waaaaaay more complicated because of the lovely dreaded menstrual cycle. Such a dirty game she plays. Week one - low, so I adjust down. Weeks 2 and 3, increased estrogen levels = insulin resistance = need more insulin, so I increase every couple days as needed, and week 4 = sky high = need lots of extra insulin. Then, it starts all over. Thankfully, my handy lil pump has a feature where I can increase the basal (insulin that's delivered in the "background" 24 hrs/day) by a percentage. I totally depend on it.
 But I am learning that said increases are too much at night.

New plan: increase basals, but not as much, but also give extra bolus insulin (insulin with food) to help prevent night time/2 am/4am/5am lows. The thing about diabetes, for me, is that you never really get it "figured out". Your body is always changing. It's an ongoing experiment. But, I am SO THANKFUL for how far we've come in dia-bee-tus land. The technology is amazing. The Lord is so lookin out for me.

Sometimes I worry that hubs feels inconvenienced by the wife's diabeetus, and the gadgets, and the disruptions to his sleep, etc -  poor thing:



Now, aren't you glad you learned somethin?

This is why I'm hooked on DD coffee for caffeine consumption so I can function - the whipped cream part is just because I like it. 




Candace Stevenson said...

haha you learn something new everyday, huh?

Lovely Little Rants

Denise Pacurar said...

Love your writing style! This was so fun to read! I'm sure your hubby doesn't mind you waking up and your beeping noises! He looks like he is deep in his sleep!

XOXO – Denise


PS: Don’t forget to enter my vintage jewelry/antique tea cup giveaway on my blog if you haven’t entered already!!

Ashley said...

wow - i seriously admire you. i remember reading the babysitters club when i was younger and stacey (one of the characters) had diabetes. i remember then thinking how tought it would be.

really hoping you get a good night sleep lady...and in the meantime enjoy your OJ and PB;)

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

you gotta get a mini fridge in your room for the oj and make the sandwich before you go to bed. or maybe thats just what i would do because i needs my sleep! seriously tho it must be hard living with day to day. you are brave.

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Bahhaha yep now I am stalking your blog! You are awesome and I love all these posts..too funny about the hubs..mine seems unaffected by all the beepin and vibrating that happens at night with my pump too lol!