23 October 2011

Pretty Little Liars, where have you been all my life?

Perhaps writing this post will make me sound like the biggest lame eva. But, I'm okay with that. See, I don't watch much TV, and I definitely don't keep up with the reality shiz that America watches because honestly, it gets on my nerves. Sometimes I feel left out in all these "Real Housewives of BFE, Bachelor(ette), whatev, whatev" convos. I just feel like people in real life are irritating as all get out, so why watch more of it on TV? But, that's just me.

But - sometimes, I'm not strong. Sometimes I fall off the wagon when I leave the TV on ABC Family as my background noise. PS - I don't think PLL should be on anything with the name "family" in it. But, nobody asked me. But, when I get sucked into that background noise, they are really good at suckin you in, before I know it, I can't pull myself away. 
Disgusting, I know.

This happened once with Lost when my friend Lindsey got me addicted, but by the time that happened, I needed to catch up on 2459 episodes. And I felt overwhelmed. And I quit.

Well, it's totally happened again with Pretty Little Liars. I'm kind of ashamed. Part of me likes to watch it so I can dream of having long, wavy locks. Or bomb eye shadow. Or wonder what it's like to be tall and skinny. But, I have to admit, its not just the "I wanna look perfect all the time like they do" aspect.  I really am left hanging on the edge of my seat when they get those stupid texts. And the random clues that they sneak in here and there? Dang it!

Anyway, I need help, people.

You see, since I got addicted late, I hardly have any information regarding what is really going on. But, I'm still hooked.

Here's what I get:
*Disclaimer: If you've been watching PLL and this isn't new to you, you will be like, "Duh, Shug in Boots, thanks for stating the completely obvious." But sometimes I need to think my thoughts on paper, mmmk?

The four chicks, Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily were friends with this typical mean girl/beezy named Alison, who has mysteriously disappeared and was missing for a year, then all of a sudden her body was found. She was a conniving, manipulative Beezy who thrived off of others' humiliation and need for her approval.

They get these creep-o texts/messages from "A" first about secrets that Ali would have only known about any of the four given girls, like Aria's dad's affair, or Hanna's food issues, etc. Since it's crap only Ali would have known, the girls wonder if they are from "A" ... like, is she really dead?

There's lots of other randomness going on in the town - you know, like,  Hmmm, what's she doin hangin out with him? I didn't realize they knew each other. Why's her dad care about him being around? Her mom knew him BEFORE?! Who took those pictures? Who was that in the background? etc.

But - the "all new" Halloween episode, which aired Oct. 19, synopsis found here ... tells us that "A" started harassing people, including Ali, BEFORE Ali disappeared/died, along with several other nuggets of info that fill in some holes. 


What the heck is goin on, y'all?!

I missed a LOT of episodes in between the pilot episode (which they also reaired on Oct. 19 after the Halloween special - thank you ABC Family) and now. I read the synopsis of the other episodes but y'all know that's just not the same. Clearly, I will be spending nights stalking my computer to watch old episodes to catch up before January when the show airs again.

Here is another morsel of info about the "The First Secret" Halloween special episode from Marlene King, executive producer.

And here's the trailer for the continuation of Season 2:

Please do share any websites or blogs that obsess over PLL that I need to know about. I need all the info and understanding that I can get.




PAPS said...

I am not a reality show crazy person but I do like prison break, glee etc. Just sometimes I need to do nothing and relax:)

briannelee said...

This is one of my fav shows!

Bonnie said...

I don't know why I do not watch this show. I'm ashamed. I would watch it for the fashion alone!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Denise Pacurar said...

Hmm, I have not seen this show although I have seen commercials for it?! Maybe I will have to check it out for myself!

xoxo Denise